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All-Korean 'Dream' team aim for Spanish national soccer league

May 14 2019

ILLESCAS, Spain Qum FC's players speak little Spanish, but the team composed entirely of expatriate South Korean footballers won't let the language barrier hold them back as they strive through Spain's lower leagues dreaming of one day taking on Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Syrian whose plight went viral finds refuge in Spanish soccer

May 05 2016

MADRID Mementos from the soccer world that brought Syrian refugee Osama Abdul Mohsen to Spain are strewn around the flat he shares with two of his sons, including a ball signed by Real Madrid's star players and a banner for the local team, Getafe.

From Madrid to heaven

Jun 13 2013

Upon arriving at the top I was greeted by a strong wind which pummeled my body, especially my face.

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