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Sergio Queiroz

Graves dug in Rio beach to protest handling of COVID-19 pandemic

Jun 11 2020

RIO DE JANEIRO Brazilians critical of their government's ambiguous response to a surging coronavirus pandemic dug 100 graves and stuck black crosses in the sand of Rio's Copacabana beach on Thursday in a tribute to the nearly 40,000 people who have died so far. | Video

Sea turtles appear next to Rio airport thanks to fewer flights amid pandemic

May 28 2020

RIO DE JANEIRO Sea turtles have been spotted swimming amid garbage next to an airport in Brazil's tourist hotspot of Rio de Janeiro, as the scream of jet engines that would normally keep them away has been largely silenced due to the coronavirus pandemic. | Video

Brazilian nurse with COVID-19 reunited with her baby after giving birth on ventilator

May 26 2020

RIO DE JANEIRO Brazilian nurse Rusia Goes gave birth while unconscious and breathing through a ventilator tube in April as she battled severe COVID-19 symptoms.

Entrega de mascotas en Río lleva compañía a los brasileños aislados

May 19 2020

RÍO DE JANEIRO, 19 mayo Sansa, una perra de tres años negra con una mancha blanca en su vientre, pasó casi un año en un refugio de animales de Río de Janeiro antes de que la pandemia de coronavirus restringiera las visitas, reduciendo sus posibilidades de ser adoptada.

Rio pet delivery brings companionship to Brazilians in isolation

May 19 2020

RIO DE JANEIRO Three-year-old Sansa, a black dog with a white spot on her belly, spent nearly a year in a Rio de Janeiro animal shelter before the coronavirus pandemic restricted visitors, making her odds of being adopted even dimmer. | Video

Riding out the pandemic, Rio surfers catch a wave of controversy

Apr 08 2020

RIO DE JANEIRO Despite stay-at-home orders aiming to protect people from the new coronavirus, many of Rio de Janeiro's famous beaches have been buzzing with surfers seeking to catch the season's first big swell. | Video

In Rio de Janeiro, trash collectors struggle to survive as city shuts down

Mar 31 2020

RIO DE JANEIRO Deise Geraldine is one of scores of Rio de Janeiro trash collectors who usually make their living by scavenging bottles and cans left by restaurants and bars at the curb.

Brazilian makes power from a penny worth of paper, graphite paint

Jan 29 2020

SANTA MARIA, Brazil A Brazilian researcher has discovered a way to generate enough energy to power a small Christmas tree using about a penny worth of paper and graphite paint, opening a new possibility for cheap, sustainable electricity for poorer communities.

Brazilian climate strikers take aim at Bolsonaro for Amazon fires

Sep 20 2019

BRASILIA/RIO DE JANEIRO Thousands of Brazilians demanded action on climate change on Friday, taking aim in nationwide protests at President Jair Bolsonaro who they say is allowing fires to destroy the Amazon rainforest, worsening the environmental crisis.

Brazil tribal lands under new threat from farmers, miners

Apr 08 2019

RAPOSA SERRA DO SOL, Brazil A decade after the Macuxi people won a bloody legal battle to expel rice planters from their reservation in a remote part of Brazil, their hold over ancestral lands has come under threat again from new right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro.

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