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Leap of faith: Nigerian boy captivates the world with his ballet

Aug 07 2020

LAGOS Gracefully spinning among a group of dancers clad in pink, 11-year-old Anthony Mmesoma Madu stands out in black leggings, a white turtleneck and poise beyond his years. | Video

Jubilant worshippers return to Lagos mosques

Aug 07 2020

LAGOS In a crowded district of Lagos Island, 44-year-old Isiaka Babatunde weaves through a throng of people and stops at a shop piled high with hats.

Nigerian startup helps local churches digitize operations

Aug 07 2020

LAGOS Henry Okolo has grown accustomed to using his phone to stay in touch with God during the coronavirus pandemic. He uses an app every Sunday morning to listen to a virtual service in Nigeria's commercial capital, Lagos.   | Video

Nigerian artist makes dark skin prosthetics to boost patients' confidence

Jan 21 2020

UYO, Nigeria Michael Sunday is delighted, if a little stunned, as he admires his new right hand: a silicone glove-like prosthetic meant to help him return to normal life after he lost three fingers in a car accident a year ago. | Video

Pipeline fire kills three in Lagos: Reuters witness

Jan 20 2020

LAGOS A fire on a pipeline owned by Nigeria's state oil company in the commercial capital Lagos killed three people on Sunday, a Reuters witness said. | Video

Nigerian police free 19 women and girls from Lagos 'baby factory': statement

Oct 01 2019

LAGOS Police in Nigeria's biggest city, Lagos, have freed 19 women and girls who had mostly been abducted and impregnated by captors planning to sell their babies. | Video

Nigerian millennials fuel domestic tourism

Nov 18 2018

IKOGOSI, Nigeria Deola Akeju stood under the gushing waterfalls of Ikogosi in western Nigeria, laughing with her friends and other travelers as they explored the forest's pools and streams. | Video

Nigeria's 'Mona Lisa' shown at home for first time since it resurfaced

Nov 06 2018

LAGOS The Nigerian Mona Lisa, a painting lost for more than 40 years and found in a London flat in February, is being exhibited in Nigeria for the first time since it disappeared. | Video

Nigeria's amputee football team prepares for World Cup debut

Jul 12 2018

LAGOS Sixteen years after Emmanuel Ibeawuchi lost a leg in a road accident, his dream of playing soccer in a World Cup is about to become a reality.

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