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U.N. rights chief Bachelet urges Venezuela to release prisoners

Jun 22 2019

MAIQUETIA, Venezuela, 22 Jun U.N. human rights chief Michelle Bachelet on Friday urged Venezuela's government to release prisoners who were arrested for peacefully protesting, and confirmed that a delegation would remain in the country to monitor the human rights situation.

Don't deal in Venezuelan gold, White House says, in anti-Maduro push

Jan 31 2019

CARACAS/WASHINGTON The White House warned traders on Wednesday not to deal in Venezuelan gold or oil following its imposition of stiff sanctions aimed at forcing socialist President Nicolas Maduro from power. | Video

Venezuela children left behind as parents flee to find work abroad

Jan 16 2019

CARACAS Yusneiker and Anthonella have been living with their grandmother since their father left Venezuela and its collapsing economy last year for Peru, to try and earn enough to feed them. Two years earlier, their mother fled for the Dominican Republic for the same reason.

Venezuela's Maduro starts new term as U.S. decries him as 'usurper'

Jan 10 2019

CARACAS Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro started a second term on Thursday, defying critics in the United States and Latin America who called him an illegitimate usurper of a nation where economic chaos has wrought a humanitarian crisis. | Video

Venezuelan court frees men jailed for video mocking Maduro: groups

Oct 31 2018

CARACAS Two Venezuelan firefighters who were jailed last month after mocking unpopular President Nicolas Maduro in a viral video portraying him as a donkey were freed on Wednesday, two human rights groups said.

New Venezuela fuel payment system gets off to slow start

Sep 24 2018

CARACAS Venezuela's new digital fuel payment system got off to a slow start on Monday, as most drivers paid with cash and only a handful of gas stations were equipped with the system that President Nicolas Maduro says will limit fuel smuggling.

Venezuelan firemen jailed after donkey video mocking Maduro: rights groups

Sep 14 2018

CARACAS Two Venezuelan firefighters were detained by military officers this week as suspects behind the making of a viral video that mocked unpopular President Nicolas Maduro by likening him to a donkey touring a fire station, two rights groups said on Friday.

Some Venezuelans, alarmed by Maduro's measures, speed up plans to flee

Aug 20 2018

CARACAS/PUNTO FIJO, Venezuela Carpenter Jose Narvaez had planned to flee Venezuela and emigrate to the nearby Caribbean island of Aruba toward the end of the year, until Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro unveiled his plan to turn around the crumbling economy.

Venezuelans rush to shop, fill tanks before monetary overhaul

Aug 17 2018

CARACAS/MARACAIBO Jittery Venezuelans on Friday rushed to shops and lined up at gas stations on concerns that a monetary overhaul to lop off five zeros from prices in response to hyperinflation could wreak financial havoc and make basic commerce impossible.

'Real assassins!': Venezuela targets opposition after drone blasts

Aug 08 2018

CARACAS Venezuela confirmed the arrest of one lawmaker and ordered the detention of another on Wednesday, accusing the opposition politicians of scheming to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro with explosives-laden drones at a rally last weekend.

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