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Boss of South Africa's Absa bank rules out Nigerian acquisition

Jan 24 2019

DAVOS, Switzerland South African lender Absa will not buy a Nigerian bank, its CEO told Reuters on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, clearing up a lingering question over how it will execute its aggressive growth strategy.

Saudis to Davos: Move on from Khashoggi, let's do business

Jan 24 2019

DAVOS, Switzerland If you somehow missed the news about the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents and the global outcry that ensued, you might think Saudi Arabia is the darling of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Why Davos is talking about the fight between two absentees

Jan 23 2019

DAVOS, Switzerland The two most powerful men in the world are not in Davos this year, but they remain impossible to escape.

Zimbabwe vows bold economic turnaround despite surging prices

Jan 22 2019

DAVOS, Switzerland Zimbabwe's finance minister painted an optimistic outlook for his country on Tuesday, despite protests over fuel prices that human rights groups say have left at least a dozen people dead.

Saudi Aramco eyes multi-billion-dollar U.S. gas acquisitions: CEO

Jan 22 2019

DAVOS, Switzerland Saudi Aramco, the world's top oil producer, is looking to acquire natural gas assets in the United States and is willing to spend "billions of dollars" there as it aims to become a global gas player, the company's CEO said on Tuesday.

U.S. says illicit activity is top cryptocurrency concern

Jan 25 2018

DAVOS, Switzerland Washington's main concern about the rise of cryptocurrencies is to make sure they are not used for illicit activity, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Thursday as he urged nations to join the United States in regulating them.

Aramco seeks to expand in U.S., says Trump is pro-oil

Jan 24 2018

DAVOS, Switzerland Saudi oil giant Aramco is looking to expand in the United States where President Donald Trump's tax cuts and support for the oil industry are making business increasingly attractive, its chief executive told Reuters. | Video

To our readers: How we are measuring Brexit’s impact on London’s financial district

Nov 17 2017

More foreign exchange transactions are done in London than anywhere else on the planet. Hundreds of banks and some of the world’s biggest hedge funds call London home. Britain’s capital is, by most measures, the first or second most important financial centre in the world.

Exclusive: New Saudi mega-city will be listed publicly, crown prince says

Oct 26 2017

RIYADH The $500 billion mega-city planned by Saudi Arabia will be floated on financial markets alongside oil giant Saudi Aramco as part of the kingdom's drive to diversify away from oil, the crown prince told Reuters in an interview late on Wednesday. | Video

Exclusive - Citigroup to shift European retail banking base to Dublin

Jun 19 2015

LONDON Citigroup is planning to shift the head office of its European retail banking operation to Dublin from London to benefit from lower costs and capital requirements.

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