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Sisipho Skweyiya

Erasmus believes planning, execution and luck can win the World Cup

Aug 28 2019

JOHANNESBURG South Africa coach Rassie Erasmus believes his side's fate at the Rugby World Cup in Japan could be decided by fine margins such as the bounce of a ball, a missed tackle or a refereing decision.

African cattle investing - the new cash cow?

Jul 30 2019

JOHANNESBURG/VRYHEID, South Africa Cattle have long been considered a measure of wealth across Africa - but it is not just farmers cashing in. | Video

Anger at corruption dents faith in South African president, ANC before poll

May 03 2019

VREDE, South Africa/JOHANNESBURG Struggling farmer Meshack Ncongwane was a life-long supporter of South Africa's governing African National Congress, but says the party won't get his vote in parliamentary and provincial elections next week. | Video

Squalid conditions fuel frustration in South African township ahead of election

Apr 15 2019

(This version of the April 11th story has been refiled to edit headline) | Video

A veteran at 11, South African author poised to publish fifth book

Feb 27 2019

JOHANNESBURG In between public speaking engagements and running a charitable foundation, South African Stacey Fru is working hard on her fourth and fifth books. | Video

Whisky with your wax? South Africa rides 'metrosexual' wave

Jan 13 2019

JOHANNESBURG Before male beauty parlors began popping up in South Africa a few years ago, image-conscious men like Gerhard Joubert felt awkward being pampered and preened in salons filled with women. | Video

Zimbabwe's jobless generation hopes election will mark a change

Jul 27 2018

HARARE Young voters in Zimbabwe hope the first election without Robert Mugabe will mark a change in a country where most of them are unemployed, and say the older generation has failed to deliver them a future.

Zimbabwe's president courts white voters ahead of election

Jul 21 2018

HARARE Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa addressed a crowd of white voters on Saturday in an attempt improve relations ahead of a July 30 election, a marked shift from his predecessor Robert Mugabe whose policies became increasingly racially divisive. | Video

South Africa's popular sandwich shops bear brunt of listeria scare

Mar 06 2018

SOWETO, South Africa As South Africa grapples with the world's worst listeria outbreak, it is small mom-and-pop stores that dot places like the black township of Soweto that are taking a financial hit as customers fear for their lives.

South Africa's Malema says more than 60 ANC MPs will turn on Zuma

Jul 21 2017

JOHANNESBURG More than 60 ANC members in South Africa's parliament will back a no-confidence vote against President Jacob Zuma if the ballot is secret, the leader of the far-left Economic Freedom Fighters party (EFF), Julius Malema, said.

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