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Sophie Davies

Feature: Who knows best? Cities consult citizens for fresh ideas

Feb 11 2019

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Barcelona residents had until the end of January to submit suggestions for a plan to redevelop the green spaces of Montjuic, an iconic hill overlooking the Catalan capital.

The Spanish yoghurt farm that cultivates better mental health

Jul 25 2018

OLOT, Spain (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - High up in the remote hills of Catalonia, workers carefully stacked crates of yoghurt pots and diligently stuck labels on jars for one of Spain's most successful - and unusual - dairies, where nearly half the staff have mental health problems.

A Barcelona restaurant that tells refugee tales

Jun 21 2018

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Tucked away in a mediaeval Spanish square, an unconventional restaurant is training refugees and telling their stories, hoping to change the lives of migrants and how people see them.

Cities go wild with child-friendly design

May 30 2018

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In a part of Barcelona best known as a concrete transport hub, just a stone's throw from the bustling Sants railway station, a square has been transformed into an idyllic play area.

Unmasked and unafraid: photos of abused Spanish women break domestic violence taboo

May 28 2018

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - After enduring years of physical and psychological abuse at the hands of their partners, almost a dozen women in Barcelona have come out of the shadows to tell their stories in pictures with celebrated veteran Swedish photographer Maria Espeus.

Brands flock to Spanish special needs designers with 'surreal' talents

May 09 2018

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In a typical Barcelona office scene, two workers chat about last night's football match before a meeting. But these are not your average employees – one is autistic and the other has Down syndrome.

Access all areas? Using data to help the disabled navigate cities

Apr 19 2018

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Entrepreneur Josep Esteba became so frustrated trying to get around his native Spain in a wheelchair for more than 20 years that he embarked on a mission to map cities for disabled people all over the world.

As the world goes digital, is there a hack for inequality?

Feb 05 2018

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In the fashionable Poblenou district of Barcelona, hipsters and entrepreneurs rub shoulders with homeless people and immigrants, as the city authorities try to reduce digital inequality.

Wi-Fi but no water: Can smart tech help a city's poor?

Jan 05 2018

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In the picturesque Barcelona district of El Born, residents can get a better night's sleep nowadays because garbage trucks pass only when bins in the street are full, thanks to high-tech sensors that detect when they need to be emptied.

Cities overwhelmed by unplanned migration, need support – urban experts

Nov 16 2017

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Many cities are being overwhelmed by growing numbers of people migrating to them, and will become highly vulnerable to floods, storms and other disasters unless authorities receive more support, urban experts said on Wednesday.

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