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World waste could grow 70 percent as cities boom, warns World Bank

Sep 20 2018

TEPIC, Mexico, Sept 20 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Global waste could grow by 70 percent by 2050 as urbanisation and populations rise, said the World Bank on Thursday, with South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa set to generate the biggest increase in rubbish.

'Catastrophic' floods rising on Amazon River, say scientists

Sep 19 2018

TEPIC, Mexico (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Severe flooding on the Amazon has increased amid changing weather patterns, and is harming the health and incomes of people living along the world's biggest river, scientists said.

Rising temperatures will mean more deaths globally, say scientists

Sep 13 2018

TEPIC, Mexico (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Failure to meet global targets to limit rising temperatures will mean more heat-related deaths, researchers said on Thursday.

Turning waste into bioplastics, Mexico strikes green gold

Sep 12 2018

TEPIC, Mexico (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Tequila, avocado and corn are proving their worth beyond Mexican fiesta staples as key components for a fast-growing bioplastics market, with companies transforming waste from processing food crops into products such as bags, plates and even car parts.

Mexican wave: harnessing the Pacific’s blue rollers for green energy

Aug 30 2018

TEPIC, Mexico (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Energy from the ocean breakers that pound Mexico's Pacific Coast could soon be turned into electricity as an Israeli joint venture finalizes permits and financing for the country's first wave energy plant.

Pressure to secure Mexico energy supply endangers green dream

Aug 02 2018

TEPIC, Mexico (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Mexico's president-elect, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, will have a better chance of slashing poverty and inequality if he weaves a strong green thread through his policies, analysts say.

Techno and test-tubes: Climate-hit Caribbean touts new tourism

Jul 27 2018

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Promoter Ryan Kruger scouted five potential locations for his Vujaday techno festival before opting to hold the five-day event in Barbados, flying in DJs to play to around 1,500 party-goers at a string of dramatic locations around the island in April.

Barbados shipping-container diet whets appetite for slow food

Jul 26 2018

HOLETOWN, Barbados (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Spooning raw yellowfin tuna caught off the Barbados coast into a mould and finishing the plate with a wave of sliced avocado, Rhea Gilkes strives to include as many local ingredients as she can on the menu of the upmarket Fusion Rooftop restaurant.

Caribbean islands plug into electric car revolution

Jul 25 2018

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - With her foot down to show off the acceleration of the zippy electric car, Joanna Edghill spins around the car park before plugging the vehicle into a charging point beneath rows of solar panels converting Caribbean rays into power for the grid.

Are the Caribbean's wealthy new citizens a lifeline or a liability?

Jul 19 2018

ST GEORGE'S, Grenada (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Investing in the tropical Mount Cinnamon Resort in Grenada, with its white sand beaches, buys more than a slice of paradise - it comes with citizenship and a passport with visa-free entry to almost 130 countries.

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