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As France mourns 13 soldiers, top general says full victory in Africa impossible

Nov 27 2019

PARIS/BAMAKO France will never secure total victory over Islamist insurgents in West Africa, its top general said on Wednesday, after 13 soldiers died in a helicopter crash during a combat mission in Mali, France's worst single loss of troops for 36 years.

France will soften, not give up pension reform ahead of strikes

Nov 27 2019

PARIS The French government is willing to compromise on its pension reform but will not abandon plans to rebuild a system that allows some workers to retire in their fifties, it said on Wednesday, a week before a planned transport workers' strike.

Former French president Jacques Chirac dies, aged 86

Sep 26 2019

PARIS Former President Jacques Chirac, a political chameleon who dominated French politics for decades and strived to make France's voice heard in Europe and beyond, died on Thursday at the age of 86. | Video

French military frees hostages in Burkina Faso, two commandos killed

May 10 2019

PARIS French commandos rescued four foreign hostages including two French citizens from a militant group in Burkina Faso, France's military said on Friday, adding that two of the elite soldiers were killed in the night-time operation.

Rights group tries to block Saudi vessel loading French arms

May 09 2019

PARIS, May 9 A French human rights group on Thursday sought to block the loading of weapons onto a Saudi Arabian vessel that is due to dock in northern France later in the day, its lawyers said, arguing the cargo contravened an international arms treaty.

French envoy returns to Italy as friendship rekindles

Feb 15 2019

PARIS France's ambassador to Italy returned to Rome on Friday, eight days after his recall by President Emmanuel Macron, as the European neighbors defused their worst diplomatic crisis since World War Two.

After air strikes in Chad, France warns citizens to be vigilant

Feb 07 2019

PARIS France warned its citizens in Chad on Thursday to be extra vigilant after its fighter jets struck a heavily-armed rebel convoy that crossed last week from southern Libya aiming to destabilize President Idriss Deby.

French jets strike Chadian rebels to head off Deby destabilization

Feb 06 2019

PARIS French warplanes destroyed about 20 pick-up trucks in a third day of air strikes on Wednesday against a Chadian rebel convoy that crossed last week from Libya, an operation the French military said was aimed at preventing the destabilization of its former colony.

Backing Chad's Deby, French warplanes stop rebel advance from Libya

Feb 04 2019

PARIS French warplanes struck a rebel convoy in northern Chad on Sunday, helping local troops repel an incursion across the border from Libya, a sign France's support for President Idriss Deby goes beyond fighting Islamist militants.

France shifts stance on returning jihadists as U.S. withdraws from Syria

Jan 29 2019

PARIS France is preparing for the return of dozens of French jihadists held by Kurdish authorities in Syria after the United States announced the withdrawal of its forces, its interior minister said on Tuesday, marking a shift in Paris' policy on the issue.

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