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Sophie Yu

China to impose temporary anti-dumping measures on Australian wine imports

Nov 27 2020

BEIJING/SYDNEY Australia has responded defiantly to China imposing anti-dumping tariffs on Australian wine, saying the "seriously concerning development" looks to be about diplomatic grievances and not any action by winemakers. | Video

Luxury fans in China chase neat shot of investment with vintage Moutai liquor

Nov 24 2020

BEIJING/SHANGHAI As luxury spending rebounds in China, consumers with money to burn have a new habit beyond fancy bags and watches: a taste for collector editions of fiery domestic liquor Moutai, not to drink but to hold onto as a rapidly appreciating investment.

China drafts rules to govern its booming livestreaming sales industry

Nov 13 2020

BEIJING China's internet watchdog has drafted rules for the first time to regulate the country's livestreaming marketing industry, stepping up scrutiny on e-commerce marketplaces belonging to the likes of tech giant Alibaba Group and JD.Com.

Alibaba, JD.com say U.S. was top seller to China during Singles' Day event

Nov 12 2020

BEIJING/SHANGHAI Alibaba and JD.com said the United States was the top seller of goods to China during the Singles' Day shopping extravaganza that generated about $116 billion in merchandise volume for the pair. | Video

China ups scrutiny of tech giants with draft anti-monopoly rules

Nov 10 2020

BEIJING/SHANGHAI China on Tuesday published draft rules aimed at preventing monopolistic behavior by internet platforms, a move that will increase scrutiny on e-commerce marketplaces and payment services belonging to the likes of Alibaba Group.

China's turbo-charged online fashion takes on Zara and H&M

Oct 16 2020

MADRID/BEIJING China's Shein may be the biggest shopping site you've never heard of. | Video

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