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Stefanie Glinski

Villages die as community makes way for coal in Germany

Aug 13 2018

IMMERATH, Germany (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For four generations, Portz family life has focused around a quaint, red-brick farmhouse and the fertile fields beyond, ready for early harvest after this summer's high heat.

Schools free disabled in South Sudan's war zone from 'curse'

Apr 22 2018

JUBA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Benson Mubarak saw his maths teacher enter the classroom in the South Sudanese capital, Juba, when everything suddenly went black. The confused 15-year-old asked his friends, "What happened? Why is everything dark?"

Cows in the classroom: inside South Sudan's cattle camp schools

Mar 18 2018

MINGKAMAN, South Sudan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In the early morning, smoke from burning cow dung rose over hundreds of animals sleeping tightly side by side, with children dotted between them, warming their hands in the smoke, their faces covered in white ash to fend off flies and mosquitoes.

In South Sudan, civil war drives more children onto the streets, into work

Feb 13 2018

AWEIL, South Sudan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Malit ran away from home a year ago, he didn't know he would be eating from the garbage and sleeping rough.

South Sudan's disabled swap stigma for sport

Jan 11 2018

JUBA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The two teams whizzing across the stadium are almost too fast to catch with the naked eye.

In war-torn South Sudan, one town nurtures a small-scale peace

Dec 12 2017

GANYIEL, South Sudan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Surrounded by swamps and accessible only by plane or boat, South Sudan's Ganyiel, a rebel-held town in a country torn apart by civil war, has been dubbed a "haven of peace" by its residents.

Crocodiles, pythons and militias: South Sudan's children risk death for school

Nov 27 2017

GANYIEL, South Sudan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Martha's fear grows each morning as her toes touch the cold and muddy water of the swamp in a remote part of South Sudan.

Robbed of childhood, Rohingya sketch out their trauma

Oct 25 2017

COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Shupira sits surrounded by dozens of children drawing colorful patterns onto white sheets of paper.

Clandestine sex industry booms in Rohingya refugee camps

Oct 23 2017

COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As Rohingya women struggle to access even the very basics such as food and water in Bangladesh's overcrowded camps, a flourishing sex trade offers cash in times of desperation.

No Rohingya woman safe as rapists run rampant: experts

Oct 20 2017

COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Rape is being used as a weapon of war in the Rohingya crisis, with no woman safe from the risk of sexual attack as Myanmar's Muslim minority is driven out of its homeland, according to experts in the field and those caught up in the crisis.

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