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U.S.-bound migrants fill Colombia town as COVID-19 border closures lifted

Aug 11 2021

NECOCLI, Colombia After traveling for more than a year by ship, bus and car from Africa in hope of reaching the United States, Simon Gyamfi found himself stuck in a remote tourist resort on the coast of Colombia with thousands of other migrants.

Sex toy sales take off amid Colombia's coronavirus quarantine

Apr 14 2020

BOGOTA Gerson Monje holds up his cellphone to proudly show off his online sex shop. A red banner reading "sold out!" is plastered across half of the products.

Protests in Colombia spark backlash against Venezuelan migrants

Dec 02 2019

BOGOTA Daniels Herrera kept quiet on his long walk home from work following violent protests in the Colombian capital Bogota last week, fearful his Venezuelan accent would give him away.

Killings, threats and delays disenchant Colombia's ex-FARC

Sep 02 2019

PONDORES, Colombia Ricardo Bolanos lays out a camouflage vest, a small battery radio and old rubber boots on his bed, cherished relics from his 45 years as a FARC guerrilla fighter.

U.N. camp offers temporary respite for beleaguered Venezuelan migrants

May 11 2019

MAICAO, Colombia, Sheltered from the harsh midday sun by the tent she now calls home, Maria Moreno bursts into tears recalling how she and her six children fled their native Venezuela a month ago for the border city of Maicao in northern Colombia.  | Video

Showdown looms as Venezuela opposition to confront border troops over aid

Feb 23 2019

CUCUTA, Colombia, Feb 23 Venezuela's opposition and activists prepared on Saturday to confront troops stationed along the country's borders to block their plan to bring in food and medicine that authorities are calling a veiled U.S.-backed invasion.

Battle of the bands: Dueling concerts as aid for Venezuelans in limbo

Feb 22 2019

CUCUTA, Colombia Tensions along the Colombia-Venezuela border over the entry of aid meant to alleviate widespread food and medicine shortages in the socialist country will be accompanied by music on Friday, as rival concerts kick off on both sides of the boundary.

U.S. Senator Rubio warns Venezuela's Maduro not to act against opposition

Feb 17 2019

CUCUTA, Colombia U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, visiting the Colombia-Venezuela border on Sunday, warned Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro of severe consequences if he takes action against the country's opposition leader and self-declared president or U.S. citizens. | Video

U.S. Senator Rubio, other officials visit site of Venezuelan aid

Feb 17 2019

BOGOTA, Feb 17 A U.S. delegation including Senator Marco Rubio visited the Colombian border city of Cucuta on Sunday, where humanitarian aid is being stockpiled for planned delivery to economically crippled Venezuela next week.

More U.S. aid for Venezuela touches down amid distribution uncertainty

Feb 16 2019

CUCUTA, Colombia A U.S. military transport plane carrying humanitarian aid meant for Venezuelans landed on Saturday in the Colombian border city of Cucuta, where food and medicine is being stored amid uncertainty over how and where aid will be distributed. | Video

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