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Sujata Rao

Daily Briefing: A turn for the worse

May 22 2020

Things have taken another turn for the worse between the world's two superpowers. Escalating rhetoric from President Donald Trump hit Wall Street yesterday, but Asian markets today are red all over following China's proposal for a new Hong Kong law to ban sedition, secession and treason.

Rudderless after a rally, stock markets look for next catalyst

May 22 2020

LONDON/NEW YORK Global equity markets have shuffled up about 1% this month despite the world starting to re-open after the coronavirus-driven lockdowns and U.S. and European economic data showing glimmers of a recovery.

Daily Briefing: Glass half full or half empty

May 21 2020

Read it whichever way you want it – things are bad but hey, there will be more stimulus. Lockdowns are easing so economic activity, including the battered airline and leisure industry, will get a boost. U.S. China tensions are flaring, but maybe it’s pre-election posturing? All the data is terrible, but it can only get better from here (hopefully) and there are bright spots within the numbers -- if you look really hard.

Daily Briefing: There's no present, only the future

May 18 2020

A New Yorker columnist at the weekend asked the question that might have been on quite a few people's minds: have stock market investors lost their minds?

Daily Briefing: Friday stocks bounce to cap week of gloom

May 15 2020

How quickly things change in markets. After the euphoria of April, world stocks are on track for their biggest weekly loss since mid-March, when the coronavirus-linked rout was in full swing. The dollar has gained half a percent this week against a basket of currencies, gold has risen 2% and Treasury yields are down six basis points.

Daily Briefing: Virus scuppers hopes for V-shaped recovery

May 14 2020

The World Health Organization's emergencies expert Mike Ryan has said it: "This virus may never go away."

Daily Briefing: Grand failures

May 13 2020

"You will get business failures on a grand scale," was the warning last night from St Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard. Yet he stressed he did not see negative interest rates as a good option for the United States. Expect his boss, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, to repeat that message tonight.

UPDATE 2-As Turkish lira skids, Albayrak tells investors reserves are solid

May 06 2020

LONDON, May 6 Turkey's finance minister mounted a defence of Ankara's policies on Wednesday in the face of a sharp lira selloff, telling investors their concerns about depleted currency reserves were misguided, and appearing to rule out capital controls.

As central banks break the junk debt barrier, investors will follow

May 06 2020

May 6 (Reuters)- Recent central bank bond-buying to calm market turmoil has breached the wall dividing top-grade debt from so-called junk-rated issues, raising the likelihood of the investment industry and even regulators eventually dismantling the barrier.

Daily Briefing: May the fourth be with you...

May 04 2020

Optimism over the re-opening of economies and the slowing of COVID-19 infections rates has been strangled by Donald Trump.

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