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Sunil Kataria

India's Yamuna river regains sparkle as virus lockdown banishes waste

Jun 05 2020

NEW DELHI The sparkle has returned to the Yamuna river flowing through India's capital of New Delhi, residents say, after decades of filthy and stinking waters, matted with garbage and polluted with toxic effluent from industry. | Video

Indian doctors go online to treat patients amid coronavirus outbreak

May 29 2020

GURUGRAM, India As India's health system grapples with the coronavirus, doctors are increasingly going online to consult with patients suffering less critical or chronic diseases, while the south Asian economy prepares to emerge from a nationwide lockdown.

Clowns visit Indian shelters, briefly giving stranded migrants a laugh

May 15 2020

NEW DELHI Two sisters dressed up as clowns are visiting shelters packed with Indian migrants, trying to bring a moment of levity to poor families stranded in cities where they can no longer afford rent or food. | Video

'I do feel afraid': Indian workers disinfect coronavirus hotspots

Apr 23 2020

NEW DELHI One recent morning in his two-room New Delhi home, sanitation worker Dev Dutt Sharma drank tea before putting on an orange jacket and bidding goodbye to his two sons, wife, and elderly mother. | Video

'Some of us will die': India's homeless stranded by coronavirus lockdown

Apr 01 2020

NEW DELHI In a densely packed neighborhood of Delhi, hundreds of homeless people queued up this week as volunteers doled out rice and peas from a vat in the back of a van. | Video

Hero worship: India's Trump superfans gear up for his arrival

Feb 18 2020

KONNEY/NEW DELHI, India Bussa Krishna first began worshipping Donald Trump four years ago when the U.S. president appeared to him a dream.

An orphanage called Hope: Indian couple rebuilds lives after losing own children to tsunami

Dec 19 2019

NAGAPATTINAM, India Karibeeran Parameshvaran and his wife Choodamani contemplated suicide after losing three children to giant waves triggered by a 9.1-magnitude quake fifteen years ago.

Fifteen years on, young Indian woman struggles after tsunami 'took away everything'

Dec 17 2019

SERUTHUR, India Saranya was only nine when the giant waves hit her family's village in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu on Boxing Day in 2004.

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