Suphanida Thakral

Thailand plans for even more tourists as numbers top 35 million

Jan 16 2018

BANGKOK Thailand on Tuesday forecast a rise of 6 percent in tourist numbers this year, after a jump of 9 percent to 35 million in 2017, with little sign the strong baht is slowing growth that has lifted shares in hotels, malls and the airport operator.

History of Thai kings a new topic in schools of conflict-torn south

Jan 10 2018

BANGKOK Private Islamic schools in Thailand's Muslim-dominated south will teach the history of past kings, a governor said on Wednesday, the Buddhist-majority nation's latest bid to bring peace to the strife-torn region, but one that could backfire.

Thai police arrest Hells Angels gang members

Dec 07 2017

BANGKOK Thai police have arrested four members of a Hells Angels biker gang accused of drug crimes, violence and posing a threat to society, the Tourist Police said on Thursday. | Video

Dining goes digital for Thailand's street food vendors

Nov 23 2017

BANGKOK Bangkok's famous street-food vendors have joined the digital revolution, embracing payment via Quick Response (QR) barcodes that can be read using smartphones.

After year of mourning Thailand's 'floating basket' festival returns

Nov 03 2017

BANGKOK People in Thailand celebrated the Loy Krathong or "floating basket" festival on Friday, following a year of mourning for late King Bhumibol Adulyadej that saw many celebrations muted or canceled.

Late Thai king's remains returned to palace after night of tears

Oct 27 2017

BANGKOK The ashes and bones of Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej were returned to the palace on Friday as part of an elaborate, five-day cremation ceremony that drew hundreds of thousands of black-clad mourners to Bangkok's historic old quarter.

Thai vegetarian festival expects record spending

Oct 20 2017

BANGKOK Thailand's annual vegetarian festival began on Friday with record spending expected from Thais abstaining from meat-heavy diets to earn spiritual credit during the year-long mourning period for the late king.

Prices drop in major exporters on weak demand

Aug 31 2017

Bangkok Rice prices dropped this week in Thailand, Vietnam and India due to weak demand for the staple, traders said on Thursday.

Lost in Translation: Thailand offers course for women who marry foreigners

Aug 30 2017

BANGKOK Thailand is offering a free course to help Thai women cope with the highs and lows of interracial marriage and avoid potential scams or falling victim to human trafficking when moving abroad.

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