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Suzanne Garment

Commentary: Blame Comey’s moral vanity for dumping us in this newest election mess

Nov 01 2016

Most people didn’t think it was possible, but FBI Director James Comey – as is now known by everyone who hasn’t been locked down in a Zen monastery for the past four days – has just increased the craziness of this already loony and deeply depressing presidential election campaign.

Commentary: Why Hillary Clinton’s foundation scandal may be no big deal

Sep 20 2016

We might as well get used to it: From now until Election Day, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is going to pound away in speeches and tweets about the Clinton Foundation and its criminal dealings with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Commentary: How Hillary Clinton limps forward after the damning FBI report

Jul 07 2016

On Tuesday, presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton got an almost-certain reprieve from the potential criminal prosecution that’s been hanging over her head since the news broke about her using a private email server for official business when she was secretary of state.

Commentary: For Trump and Clinton, there are lies, damned lies - and politics

Jun 09 2016

Who’s being called the bigger liar, Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump or Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton? Which of their reputed lies are more likely to keep the candidate out of the White House?

Column: Welcome back to work Kim Davis, now just do your job

Sep 15 2015

Kim Davis, the clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky, who spent five nights in the slammer under a civil contempt order for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, was released because her deputies had begun issuing the licenses. Judge David L. Bunning has warned Davis not to interfere in the process from now on, but her lawyer says that she will not violate her conscience. Davis, as of now, has limited herself to praising God and her supporters. She went back at work on Monday.

Why the Hillary Clinton email imbroglio isn’t just politics

Aug 21 2015

We are not by any stretch talking Watergate here. But Clinton’s email scandal -- like many modern political scandals -- is being given Watergate-like treatment.

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