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Tania Karas

Commentary: At the UN, Trump’s silences spoke volumes

Sep 21 2017

President Donald Trump’s opening speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday is drawing widespread criticism for his aggressive statements about North Korea and Iran, but it is just as significant for what he didn’t mention at all.

Commentary: ‘Why is my family a national security threat?’

Jan 31 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Farah Marcolla's life has been upended by the stroke of President Donald Trump's pen.

With new deal, a refugee’s rights come down to luck

Apr 05 2016

If Turkey is a crowded departure hall to a better life, Greece is now a transit lounge for those who’ve missed their connection. Many will never move onward to northern Europe; others will only move backward.

Will the EU really fence off one of its own members?

Feb 09 2016

An era of closed European borders will just push those trapped in Greece to try ever more dangerous routes to get out.

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