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Tarek Amara

Tunisian president wants to amend constitution to dilute PM's power

1:34pm EDT

TUNIS Tunisia's president called on Wednesday for changes to the new constitution to give the presidency more power, escalating a dispute between the two highest offices in the country.

Ghost workers sap Tunisia's phosphate wealth

Mar 11 2019

METLAOUI, Tunisia - Tunisia's state phosphate firm CPG pays Abdel-Basset Klifhi a salary of $280 a month, even though he spends most days in his favorite cafe in the southern town of Metlaoui. | Video

Tunisia averts national strike with public sector wage deal

Feb 07 2019

TUNIS Tunisia's biggest union on Thursday canceled a nationwide strike scheduled for later this month after the government agreed to raise wages of about 670,000 state employee, ending months of tensions.

Tunisian teachers protest for higher wages, better work conditions

Feb 06 2019

TUNIS Thousands of Tunisian teachers rallied on Wednesday near the prime minister's office to demand better work conditions and higher wages, in an escalation of their protests against the cash-strapped government.

New 'Long Live Tunisia' party born, to be led by prime minister

Jan 27 2019

TUNIS Secular government leaders announced a new party called Long Live Tunisia on Sunday which is to be led by the prime minister and will compete with moderate Islamists in upcoming elections.

Tunisian union calls new nationwide strike to press wage demands

Jan 19 2019

TUNIS Tunisia’s powerful UGTT union called on Saturday for another national strike for two days next month to press its demand for higher wages for 670,000 public servants, the UGTT chief said.

Tunisia to almost double gas production this year

Jan 18 2019

TUNIS, Jan 18 Tunisia will almost double production of natural gas to about 65,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day this year, the industry and energy minister, Slim Feriani, told Reuters on Friday.

Big strike paralyses Tunisia, thousands protest over pay row

Jan 17 2019

TUNIS Rail, bus and air traffic stopped in Tunisia and street protests drew thousands on Thursday as the huge UGTT union staged a one-day nationwide strike to challenge the government's refusal to raise the salaries of 670,000 public servants.

Tunisia's parliament rejects bill on lifting retirement age

Dec 13 2018

TUNIS Tunisia's parliament rejected on Thursday a bill to raise the retirement age by two years to 62, in a severe blow to Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, whose government is under pressure from international lenders to cut state spending.

Tunisia doctors protest against wage disclosure

Dec 13 2018

TUNIS, - Hundreds of lawyers and doctors in Tunisia protested on Wednesday against a new law that will force them to disclose their salaries as part of a government bid to raise taxes.

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