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Arizona ban on ethnic studies unconstitutional: U.S. judge

Aug 23 2017

A federal judge has overturned an Arizona ban on ethnic studies courses aimed at Hispanic students, saying it was motivated by racial discrimination and violated pupils' constitutional rights.

Wisconsin company offers employees microchip implants

Aug 02 2017

A Wisconsin vending machine company is offering its employees a chance to have a microchip implanted in their hands that they could use to buy snacks, log in to computers or use the copy machine. | Video

Pennsylvania man pleads guilty to gun charges in Holland Tunnel case

Jul 31 2017

NEW YORK A Pennsylvania man arrested last June on the New Jersey side of the Holland Tunnel with an arsenal of guns in his truck pleaded guilty to two weapons-related charges in a deal with prosecutors, his attorney said on Monday.

Breeding organization official indicted in N.Y. for cockfighting

Jul 27 2017

NEW YORK The president of a game bird breeding organization was charged in New York federal court on Thursday with raising roosters for cockfighting.

New York subway chief unveils emergency plan for 'failing' system

Jul 25 2017

NEW YORK The head of New York City's subway asked the city and state for $836 million on Tuesday to immediately stabilize the century-old underground transit system, plus another $8 billion for capital improvements.

Homeless man set sleeping West Virginia woman on fire: local media

Jul 24 2017

A homeless man was accused of setting on fire a woman who was also homeless while she slept on a front porch in West Virginia, leaving the victim in critical condition, local media reported on Monday.

Neil Armstrong's moon bag sells for $1.8 million at auction

Jul 21 2017

NEW YORK A bag used by U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong to bring the first samples of moon dust back to Earth was sold to an anonymous bidder for $1.8 million at an auction in New York on Thursday marking the 48th anniversary of the first moon landing. | Video

Winning toilet paper gowns offered to brides-in-need

Jul 20 2017

NEW YORK A toilet paper wedding dress with 1,500 hand-cut butterflies made by a mother of two in her spare time won the $10,000 first prize in a quirky New York fashion competition on Thursday and a bride-in-need may have the chance to wear it down the aisle. | Video

Metamorphosis: Philadelphia street horrified as cockroaches invade

Jul 18 2017

Residents of a Philadelphia street were horrified when thousands of cockroaches emerged from a sewer drain, forming a swarm so big that it covered the street at one stage, according to city officials and local media on Tuesday.

Neil Armstrong's moon bag to fetch up to $4 million at auction

Jul 13 2017

NEW YORK The long-lost bag used by U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong to bring back to Earth the first samples of moon dust is expected to sell for up to $4 million when it is auctioned with other space memorabilia next week in New York City.

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