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Global $500 million data drive aims to end hunger by boosting harvests

Sep 25 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A $500 million data drive aims to improve the harvests of hundreds of millions of farmers worldwide as rising hunger levels threaten a global goal to end hunger by 2030, organizations involved in the initiative said on Tuesday.

Senegalese chef puts supergrain on New York menus to boost African farmers

Sep 24 2018

TURIN, Italy (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A gluten-free grain that grows in Africa's impoverished and semi-arid Sahel region is taking off as a health food in New York, the Senegalese chef who masterminded its revival said on Monday, outlining plans to almost double production by 2023.

Africa's nomadic herders help, not harm, land and planet - U.N.

Sep 22 2018

TURIN, Italy, Sept 22 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nomadic herders across Africa can work in tandem with farmers and produce sustainable food without damaging the land or harming the planet, experts and pastoralists said on Saturday.

Why weeds could provide an answer to Cape Town's water worries

Sep 21 2018

TURIN, Italy (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Cape Town started turning off taps to conserve water earlier this year and farmers' crops began dying, Loubie Rusch was pleased to find the plants she was growing - all thought of as weeds - were thriving.

FEATURE-Arid Niger a 'model for Africa' as desert blooms

Sep 14 2018

DARGUE, Niger, Sept 14 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - G rappling with desert conditions, insurgency and decades of political instability, Niger has long struggled to feed its rapidly growing population. But experts say efforts to change that are bearing fruit - and may even be a model for the region.

World hunger levels rise for third year running: U.N.

Sep 12 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - World hunger rose in 2017 for a third consecutive year, fueled by conflict and climate change, the United Nations warned on Tuesday, jeopardizing a global goal to end the scourge by 2030.

With sensors and apps, young African coders compete to curb hunger

Aug 21 2018

KIGALI, Aug 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From an app to diagnose disease on Zambian farms to Tinder-style matchmaking for Senegalese land owners and young farmers, young coders have been finding solutions to hunger in the first Africa-wide hackathon on the issue.

Tackling drug resistance on Asian farms with apps and a dictionary

Aug 20 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In his first 12 years working as a vet in Bangladesh, Bikash Chandra Saha routinely prescribed antibiotics. Then he learned of the devastating impact of antimicrobial resistance on human health - and it revolutionized his treatment choices.

When life gives you lemons - Sicily's farmers go tropical as climate warms

Aug 07 2018

TERRASINI, Italy (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Sicilian farmer Rosolini Palazzolo first started growing papayas 11 years ago, hardly any of his neighbors even knew what they were.

Moves to cut emissions could cause more hunger than climate change: study

Jul 31 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Adopting some of the most stringent measures needed to curb climate change across all industries could cause hunger levels to rise by three times as much as global warming itself, according to a study released on Tuesday.

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