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Thin Lei Win

Black urban farmers in the U.S. sow seeds to end 'food apartheid'

Jul 30 2020

(Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In a backyard in the Bronx in the mid-1980s, a vine laden with sweet-smelling and delicious tomatoes came as a revelation to urban gardening guru Karen Washington.

FACTBOX-The world's rising tide of plastic pollution - and how to stem it

Jul 23 2020

ROME, July 23 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From straws and bags to cups and swabs, the amount of plastic waste in the ocean is expected to triple over the next two decades, threatening the health of humans and the planet and fuelling climate change, researchers said on Thursday.

Greta Thunberg plans to donate one million-euro prize to green causes

Jul 20 2020

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg said on Monday she would donate 1 million euros ($1.14 million) from a new prize she has won to groups tackling climate change and defending nature.

Efficient cooling seen as key to keeping climate change in check

Jul 19 2020

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - After enduring the hottest decade on record, India aims to keep its homes and workplaces cool without raising energy consumption with one simple change: raising the temperature settings on air conditioners.

Better food for world's poor could hike climate-changing emissions

Jul 13 2020

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - To feed their people a healthy diet, countries from Ethiopia to India may need to hike their climate-changing emissions - a shift only possible if richer nations simultaneously curb theirs, a United Nations flagship report on hunger said Monday.

Investing in nature-rich countries is 'an insurance policy for all'

Jul 08 2020

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - If governments agree on a proposed goal to protect a larger share of the Earth's land and seas over the next decade, most of the financial burden would fall on developing countries that can ill afford it, researchers said on Wednesday.

With drones and masks, African innovators keep COVID-hit economies afloat

Jul 07 2020

ROME/WASHINGTON/HARARE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Ghanaian pilot Eric Acquah started a drone company in 2017 to spray crops with pesticides, but when coronavirus hit the West African country he found a new mission - saving lives.

Hit by coronavirus and wild weather, Italy now battles locusts

Jun 26 2020

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Swarms of locusts have stripped thousands of hectares of pasture and cropland in Sardinia, devastating farmers already struggling from the coronavirus pandemic, farming groups said.

Masks and bleach: Europe's cities gear up for post-lockdown tourism

Jun 25 2020

ROME/BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Anyone visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris when it reopens on Thursday will have to take the stairs - all 674 of them - because France's iconic monument is keeping the lifts shut.

People must regain control over food supply chain after coronavirus, says new U.N. envoy

May 28 2020

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - With panic buyers stripping supermarket shelves and long queues at food banks, the new coronavirus crisis has laid bare the challenges in ending global hunger, said the new United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food.

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