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Millions of small Asian farmers miss out on seeds resilient to climate change: study

Nov 12 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Millions of smallholder farmers in South and Southeast Asia are missing out on new, resilient seeds that could improve their yields in the face of climate change, according to an index published on Monday.

Cult German board game seeks to save the world

Nov 08 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A cult German board game whose fans include Hollywood actors Mila Kunis and Woody Harrelson may not seem the most obvious vehicle for raising awareness about the importance of preserving crop diversity.

Global lawmakers battle over junk food warning labels

Oct 30 2018

MADRID (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Are taxes and bans on advertising unhealthy foods or education more effective in tackling an emerging global obesity crisis? 

Plant-based diets for better health and planet? Not so fast, says study

Oct 26 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Forget all those loud calls to eat less meat and more plants for better health and a stronger planet - new research shows the world is not producing nearly enough fruit and vegetables to feed everyone.

With Zumba and tax, Navajo Nation looks to scrap bad diet

Oct 24 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Denisa Livingston and a group of Navajo women danced the Zumba in front of their council chamber, it raised a few eyebrows among the North American tribe.

Young entrepreneurs lend glamor to African agriculture

Oct 19 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In a long-sleeved shirt and jeans, expertly navigating eastern Rwanda's bumpy back roads in a white four-wheel drive, Dieudonne Twahirwa looks nothing like the stereotypical African farmer.

Factbox: Food wasted by rich nations could end world hunger - U.N.

Oct 16 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Rich nations waste $750 billion of food each year, double the amount needed to end global hunger, David Beasley, head of the United Nations World Food Program, said on Tuesday.

Rich nations must eat less meat to tackle climate change: campaigners

Oct 16 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Rich countries should encourage consumers to eat less meat and help farmers become more environmentally-friendly, campaigners said on Tuesday as pressure mounts to limit global warming.

Indian state wins prize for showing 100% organic 'no longer a pipe dream'

Oct 12 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - India's first fully organic state won top prize in a U.N.-backed award on Friday, with organizers saying its policies had helped more than 66,000 farmers, boosted tourism and set an example to other countries.

New U.N.-led fund may make loans as easy as ABC for Africa's farmers

Oct 05 2018

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A new United Nations-led multi-million dollar investment fund is targeting young farmers and agribusiness owners, whose struggle to access loans threatens food production and global goals to end hunger, particularly in Africa.

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