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China's steel heartland tests mills' mettle with new smog-busting plan

Sep 11 2018

TANGSHAN, China "Push the steel mills out of the city center and turn it into a modern, habitable place to live in," reads a banner hung across the boarded-up offices of Guofeng Iron and Steel Co in the center of Tangshan, China's top steelmaking city. | Video

Young monks lead revival of Buddhism in Mongolia after years of repression

Jun 05 2018

BARUUNBUREN, Mongolia Buddhism is one of the world's oldest religions, but its fate in Mongolia now rests on very young shoulders. | Video

Mongolia's reindeer herders fear lost identity under hunting ban

May 22 2018

TSAGAANNUUR, Mongolia Erdenebat Chuluu, a nomadic herder, shouts words of encouragement to the reindeer he is riding. | Video

Trade tensions with U.S. testing resolve of Chinese consumers

Apr 19 2018

BEIJING Guo Qingshan delights in riding his 400,000 yuan ($63,839) Harley-Davidson motorbike around Beijing's suburbs.

Young Chinese woman chases dream abroad, but looks wistfully home

Oct 17 2017

BEIJING Zuo Aining has always been a striver, always making plans.

Migrants moved on as Beijing deals with building 'disease'

Aug 11 2017

BEIJING In a Beijing suburb, a crane hoists a concrete slab into the sky, removing a roof from a simple brick home that had once sheltered a small migrant family. | Video

As credit dries up, China's small firms face shrinking profits, bankruptcies

Jun 29 2017

TIANJIN, China The struggles of China's small and medium-sized firms have grown so acute that many are expected to become unprofitable or even go belly-up this year, boding ill for an economy running short on strong growth drivers.

Beijing protesters in rare clash with police over school dispute

Jun 14 2017

BEIJING About a hundred protesters clashed on Wednesday with police in downtown Beijing after authorities abruptly reassigned their children to a school in a rough neighborhood, a rare display of public anger in the Chinese capital.

Body-building site: Shi the laborer swings to China online fame

Oct 11 2016

BEIJING On most construction sites, lunch would be a welcome break to rest and refuel. Not for Shi Shenwei. | Video

U.S. woman fights for her dream in Japanese pro wrestling

Apr 07 2016

TOKYO Forget cherry blossoms and delicate slices of raw fish. The Japan on which Kris Hernandez has pinned her dreams is the thud of body slams, sweat, and garish costumes - the world of professional women's wrestling.

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