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Swelled by rain and COVID curbs, locust swarms ravage Ethiopia

Oct 20 2020

KOMBOLCHA, Ethiopia Mother-of-ten Marima Wadisha screamed, threw rocks and in her desperation even fired bullets at the locusts that descended on her sorghum fields in northeast Ethiopia. | Video

Ethiopia activist calls for calm after 16 killed in clashes

Oct 24 2019

ADDIS ABABA Prominent Ethiopian activist Jawar Mohammed called for calm on Thursday amid protests that have killed 16 people and are challenging Nobel Prize-winning Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in his political heartland.

Hundreds gather outside house of Ethiopian activist after deadly day of protests

Oct 24 2019

ADDIS ABABA, Oct 24 Hundreds of supporters of prominent Ethiopian activist Jawar Mohammed set up camp around his house in Addis Ababa on Thursday one day after police fired gunshots and teargas to break up demonstrations against his treatment by the government.

A problem for Ethiopia's leader: the young men who helped him to power

Nov 02 2018

WOLISO, Ethiopia They were tortured for their political beliefs. They saw friends shot dead by security forces. They were forced to cut their hair and give up other cultural traditions. This year, they say, they caused a revolution.

Ethiopians mark festival of finding Jesus' cross

Sep 27 2016

ADDIS ABABA Orthodox priests lit a bonfire in the heart of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on Monday evening to mark the eve of Meskel, a festival to mark the finding of the cross of Jesus.

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