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Timothy Aeppel

Pool sales skyrocket as consumers splash out on coronavirus cocoons

Aug 06 2020

BARCELONA/LOS ANGELES Locked down, hot and desperate for a dip? If you live in Indianapolis and fancy putting a pool in your back yard there's a three-week wait - but that's just for an appointment to order one for next year.

RV shipments surge as Americans opt to carry home with them to avoid airports, hotels

Jul 27 2020

Call it the turtle solution to wanderlust in the age of COVID-19.

Who you gonna call? Germbusters! Pandemic drives boom in spray machines

Jul 06 2020

STAMFORD, Connecticut Timothy Kane, CEO of Goodway Technologies Corp, has never been so popular. Making machines that spray disinfectant, once a niche business, is now an essential service - and the phone is ringing off the hook.

Trade war? U.S. battle over kitchen cabinets really a domestic dispute

Jun 17 2020

The anti-China trade mood has reached U.S. kitchens, where a battle is being waged over competing visions of where and how cabinets should be made.

U.S. mattress business springs back from pandemic shutdown

Jun 15 2020

The U.S. mattress business has bounced back after months of shutdowns from the coronavirus pandemic kept customers away.

U.S. manufacturers struggle to keep workers in face of weak demand

Jun 12 2020

Cheryl Wellman was able to bring back most of her furloughed workers last month with the help of a special government loan.

Indiana mattress business adapts to lure customers back

May 21 2020

Lauren Taylor is figuring out what’s required to run a mattress store in the age of a deadly pandemic.

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