Timour Azhari

FEATURE-'Doxxing' activists dole out virtual justice for Lebanon collapse

Oct 04 2021

* 'Doxxers' post private information on politicians and bankers

FEATURE-Young Lebanese driving crypto 'revolution' after banks go bust

Sep 20 2021

* Currency crash pushes Lebanese to stash savings in digital money


Aug 09 2021

[ベイルート 4日 トムソン・ロイター財団] - シリアからの難民ワアド・ハリリさんは、今も生活の再建に追われている。1年前、レバノンのベイルート港での爆発事故によって自宅アパートは損傷を受け、夫は負傷し、子どもたちはトラウマを抱えている。

Lebanese rediscover local flavours as crisis hits food imports

Aug 09 2021

BEIRUT (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Tanya Nasr grew up with the taste of her grandmother's tangy pomegranate molasses but had never made it herself until Lebanon's economic crisis and COVID-19 took her back to her home village in the mountains.

Vulnerable Beirut residents struggle in 'fragmented' blast reconstruction

Aug 03 2021

BEIRUT (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Syrian refugee Waad Hariri is still trying to rebuild her life a year after Beirut's massive port blast tore through her apartment, injuring her husband and traumatising her children.

Stung by Lebanon currency loss, UNICEF gives aid handouts in dollars

Jul 15 2021

(Corrects 9th para to show UNICEF still part of U.N. programme)

Spike in 'chemsex' among Lebanon's LGBT+ community, broken by Beirut blast

Jul 07 2021

BEIRUT (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Lebanese drag performer Aniss Ezzeddine had been drug-free for seven months. But when a massive chemical explosion wrecked his hometown Beirut, all he wanted was to get high.

'Refugees in their own country': Lebanon backs aid for 500,000 families

Jun 30 2021

BEIRUT (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Lebanon's parliament on Wednesday approved a $556 million cash injection for half a million families - the latest aid package for a population pauperised by an economy in collapse.

Lebanon's migrant pump attendants feel the pain of fuel shortages

Jun 23 2021

BEIRUT (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Filling up cars at a petrol station in Lebanon was never Adel Mostafa's dream job, but it paid the 44-year-old Egyptian enough to feed his family and was relatively trouble-free - at least until a devastating economic crisis took hold.

Lebanese banks swallow at least $250m in U.N. aid

Jun 17 2021

BEIRUT (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - At least $250 million in U.N. humanitarian aid intended for refugees and poor communities in Lebanon has been lost to banks selling the local currency at highly unfavourable rates, a Thomson Reuters Foundation investigation has found.

World News

Sudan PM, ministers detained in apparent military coup

KHARTOUM (Reuters) -Soldiers arrested most of the members of Sudan's cabinet and a large number of pro-government party leaders on Monday in an apparent military coup, three political sources said, throwing a fragile transition towards democracy into disarray.