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Russia mourns 51 killed in mining disaster, police make arrests

Nov 26 2021

MOSCOW Police in Siberia arrested two safety inspectors suspected of criminal negligence on Friday as Russia's coal mining heartland mourned the deaths of 51 people in one of its worst mine disasters since Soviet times. | Video

Death toll in Russian mine tragedy jumps past 50

Nov 26 2021

MOSCOW (Reuters) -A gas leak in a Siberian coal mine killed at least 52 people on Thursday, Russian news agencies said, including six rescuers who were sent down to try to bring out dozens of men in what was one of Russia's worst mining disasters since Soviet times. | Video

Analysis-Putin's Ukraine gambit seen as part of play for new Biden summit

Nov 24 2021

MOSCOW (Reuters) -President Vladimir Putin's re-positioning of troops closer to Ukraine is part of a Russian push to secure and frame the terms of another summit with U.S. President Joe Biden, say two people close to official Russian foreign policy circles.

Relatives of Stalin's victims fret about possible closure of top rights group

Nov 24 2021

MOSCOW As state archives opened up after the 1991 breakup of the Soviet Union, Alexander Korobochkin was overcome with emotion when he finally unearthed the file on his grandfather who was arrested and shot in 1938 during Josef Stalin's Great Terror.

Ukraine tension recalls Georgia war lead-up -Russian spy agency

Nov 22 2021

MOSCOW (Reuters) -Russia's foreign intelligence agency on Monday compared current tensions over Ukraine with the build-up to a 2008 war in which Russia's forces crushed those of neighbouring Georgia.

Russia condemns U.S. lawmakers' proposal on 'nonrecognition' of Putin

Nov 19 2021

MOSCOW (Reuters) -The Kremlin denounced as "absurd" on Friday a resolution proposed by U.S. lawmakers to stop recognising Vladimir Putin as Russia's president if he stays in power after 2024, and described it as U.S. meddling in Russian affairs.

Putin says West taking Russia's 'red lines' too lightly

Nov 18 2021

MOSCOW (Reuters) -President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that the West was taking Russia's warnings not to cross its "red lines" too lightly and that Moscow needed serious security guarantees from the West.

'Razor-sharp precision': Russia hails anti-satellite weapons test

Nov 17 2021

MOSCOW Russia said on Tuesday it had conducted a weapons test that targeted an old Russian satellite with "razor-sharp precision" and denied allegations by the United States, Britain and NATO that the test had been dangerous for orbiting spacecraft.

Ex-U.S. Marine Trevor Reed says he ends hunger strike in Russian jail

Nov 17 2021

MOSCOW (Reuters) -A former U.S. Marine serving a nine-year jail sentence in Russia has ended a hunger strike after nearly a week, lost a lot of weight and is ill, according to a message he sent his family.

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