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Lebanese judge charges PM, ex-ministers over Beirut port blast

Dec 10 2020

BEIRUT The judge investigating the Beirut port explosion has charged Lebanon's caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab and three former ministers with negligence over the blast that killed 200 people and devastated swathes of the capital.

Israel-Lebanon sea border talks postponed

Nov 30 2020

BEIRUT/JERUSALEM Maritime border talks between Lebanon and Israel scheduled for Wednesday have been postponed, and U.S. mediators will now contact the two old foes separately, Israeli and Lebanese officials said on Monday.

Aoun warns Lebanon will go "to hell" unless government agreed

Sep 21 2020

BEIRUT President Michel Aoun warned on Monday Lebanon was going "to hell" if a new government was not formed, and said agreeing one could need a miracle after positions had hardened between rival factions.

'Boiling again': Lebanon's old Christian rivalries rear up amid crisis

Sep 18 2020

BEIRUT An old rivalry between Christian factions who fought each other in Lebanon's 1975-1990 civil war has flared again on the street and in political debate, renewing fears of fresh unrest as the nation grapples with its worst crisis since the conflict. | Video

France's Macron calls Lebanese leaders over cabinet plans

Sep 18 2020

BEIRUT/PARIS French President Emmanuel Macron called Lebanese leaders on Friday over stalled efforts to form a new government, a diplomatic source said, as Paris seeks to give a new push to its bid to pull the country out of a deep financial crisis.

'Not yet too late': France says Lebanon must act to deliver new cabinet

Sep 16 2020

BEIRUT/PARIS France said on Wednesday it was not too late for Lebanon's politicians to form a government to save the nation from a crippling economic crisis, after they missed a deadline this week to create a cabinet.

Lebanese rivalries hamper cabinet formation on eve of deadline

Sep 14 2020

BEIRUT Lebanon's factional rivalries put the brakes on moves to form a new government on Monday on the eve of a deadline agreed with France and stalling efforts to exit a dire economic crisis.

Lebanon faces hurdles to deliver cabinet on time

Sep 11 2020

BEIRUT Lebanon faces an uphill struggle to deliver a new government next week as promised by its leaders to French President Emmanuel Macron, with new U.S. sanctions on Hezbollah allies complicating the process, Lebanese political sources said.

Huge blaze at Beirut port alarms residents a month after massive blast

Sep 10 2020

BEIRUT A large fire erupted at Beirut port on Thursday, engulfing parts of the Lebanese capital in a pall of smoke weeks after a massive blast devastated the port and ruined a swathe of the city. | Video

Rescuers search Beirut rubble for second day after pulse detected

Sep 04 2020

BEIRUT Rescue workers dug through the rubble of a Beirut building for a second day on Friday hoping to find someone alive more than a month after huge port explosion shattered Lebanon's capital. | Video

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