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'Dying of hunger': Zimbabwe street vendors hit by coronavirus clampdown

Jun 16 2020

HARARE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Martha Kahari was already struggling to make ends meet after Zimbabwe's coronavirus lockdown forced her to stop selling second-hand clothes and tomatoes at the side of the road in the capital Harare.

Tap for trash: App seeks to clean up Zimbabwe's waste-clogged cities

Sep 23 2019

HARARE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The stench of decaying rubbish fills the air around Euphrasia Mangwe's house in the Zimbabwean capital, attracting hordes of green flies to the two plastic bins in the corner of her garden.

After floods drench eastern Zimbabwe, water shortages parch Harare

Apr 07 2019

HARARE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As eastern Zimbabwe struggles with the aftermath of floods that have killed nearly 270 people and destroyed homes and roads, other parts of Zimbabwe are facing a very different crisis: too little water.

'No place to sell': thousands hit in Zimbabwe clampdown on street vendors

Feb 20 2019

CHITUNGWIZA, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When police backed by armed soldiers arrived at the market in Chitungwiza in early February, Lilian Kashamba was reminded of her childhood during Zimbabwe's war for independence.

Hit by extreme weather, Zimbabwe rolls out triple climate policy

Jun 26 2018

HARARE, June 26 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - With increasingly extreme weather taking a toll on farming and incomes, Zimbabwe has released a trio of climate change policies designed to make the country more resistant to climate pressures and help it meet its international carbon-cutting pledges.

Solar grid keeps harvests high, hospitals lit in parched rural Zimbabwe

Sep 11 2017

MASHABA, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Until recently, farmers in this town in southern Zimbabwe struggled to water their crops, frustrated by poor rainfall and the regular breakdown of the diesel engines that powered their irrigation systems.

From seeds to markets, maize alternatives face challenges in Zimbabwe

Jan 31 2017

HARARE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - After years of bad maize harvests as a result of worsening drought, farmer Dorothy Chihota switched a few seasons back to growing sorghum, millet, cowpeas and groundnuts on her 50-acre farm in Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe district.

Zimbabwe drought, hunger push farmers to seek greener pastures

Dec 13 2016

NYANGA, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A decade ago Ndaizivei Nyamatsatse was the proud owner of 20 cows - a number that made him the envy of his neighbors in Zimbabwe's eastern province of Manicaland, where cattle are prized as a symbol of wealth.

Affordable solar schemes light way to energy for all in Zimbabwe

Aug 08 2016

HARARE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Innovative ways to pay for solar power systems could make clean energy affordable for many of Zimbabwe's 1.5 million households that lack electricity, campaigners say.

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