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Ueslei Marcelino

Brazil police arrest presidential aide in World Cup probe

May 23 2017

BRASILIA Brazilian police on Tuesday arrested a presidential aide and two ex-governors as part of an investigation into the 2014 World Cup's most expensive stadium, another black eye for the country's political establishment that adds pressure on beleaguered President Michel Temer.

Brazil waters down pension reform as protests turn violent

Apr 18 2017

BRASILIA Brazilian President Michel Temer on Tuesday made new concessions to ease passage of an unpopular pension reform bill, leading police unions to try and invade Congress in the latest angry demonstration from a labor group.

Brazil prosecutors eye contract corruption at massacre prison

Jan 05 2017

MANAUS/BRASILIA Brazilian prosecutors on Thursday demanded a multi-million dollar private prison contract in Amazonas state be axed due to signs of corruption as the government blamed mismanagement for the country's bloodiest prison massacre in decades.

Brazil state governor calls for war on drug gangs after massacre

Jan 04 2017

MANAUS/BRASILIA, Brazil The governor of the state that saw Brazil's bloodiest prison massacre in decades this week urged federal authorities on Wednesday to step up the fight against drug trafficking, which he blames for a wave of violence in the remote jungle region.

Brazil proposes prisons overhaul after massacre, families hold vigil

Jan 03 2017

MANAUS, Brazil Brazil's justice minister on Tuesday proposed an overhaul of the penal system to tackle chronic prison overcrowding a day after 56 inmates were massacred in the deadliest riot in two decades.

Ordinary Cubans hope for change after Obama's visit

Apr 06 2016

HAVANA President Barack Obama's historic March visit to Cuba has not fixed all of the thorny issues between the two countries, but it did spark hope among Havana residents that closer ties with the United States will improve their lives.

The soccer ball as protagonist

Jun 30 2014

There is a wide gap in Brazil between rich and poor. Reuters photographer Ueslei Marcelino photographed two families from different ends of the spectrum as they watched the World Cup soccer match between Brazil and Chile.

Farewell to Fafá

Aug 13 2012

A brave lioness, wild by nature, Fafá was raised in the Brasilia Zoo, where she was the star attraction. The star’s last show, however, was a most unusual scene, inside a CAT scanner.

A star that shined for me

Jul 05 2012

When the moon appeared on the horizon some people pulled out their cameras to record the beauty. I had hoped to use these people in my image as a silhouette. I hoped to put someone on the moon.

Village of joy

May 15 2012

Deep in the Brazilian heartland, where the upper reaches of the Amazon Basin dissolve into the central plateau, I had the opportunity last week to spend a few days in the village of joy.

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