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Victoria Ramirez

Venezuela hunts rogue helicopter attackers, Maduro foes suspicious

Jun 29 2017

CARACAS The Venezuelan government hunted on Wednesday for rogue policemen who attacked key installations by helicopter, but critics of President Nicolas Maduro suspected the raid may have been staged to justify repression. | Video

Venezuela's shield-bearing protesters inspired by Ukraine

Jun 29 2017

CARACAS Drawing inspiration from Ukraine's 2013-14 revolt, Venezuela's young protesters are donning Viking-like shields in battles with security forces and eagerly watching a film on the Kiev uprising.

Heroes or agitators? Young lawmakers on Venezuela's front line

Jun 26 2017

CARACAS One was knocked off his feet by a water cannon. Another was pushed into a drain. Most have been pepper-sprayed, tear-gassed, beaten and hit by pellet shots.

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