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New COVID-19 lockdown to come into force in Portugal from Friday

Jan 13 2021

LISBON A new lockdown to bring record high coronavirus cases under control will come into force in Portugal from Friday, Prime Minister Antonio Costa announced, urging people to stay indoors and protect themselves.

'It's now or never' - Britons scramble for residency in Spain and Portugal ahead of Brexit

Dec 21 2020

LISBON/MADRID In October, Michelle Jones and her husband Gary boarded a ferry in England for a new life in Spain. Had they left it beyond Britain's period of transition out of the European Union, things would have been much more complicated.

November lockdowns frustrate Zara owner Inditex's recovery

Dec 15 2020

MADRID Zara owner Inditex said many of its stores were closed or operating with restrictions as a fresh wave of COVID-19 lockdowns hindered the fashion giant's path to recovery. | Video

Holiday retail workers seek "temporary lifeline" in warehouse jobs, if they can find one

Dec 14 2020

This time of year, hundreds of thousands of seasonal retail workers across North America and Europe would usually be wrapping gifts, stirring hot chocolates, tidying Christmas displays or assisting the flurry of last-minute shoppers.

Portugal border service chief quits after fatal beating of Ukrainian traveller

Dec 09 2020

LISBON The head of Portugal's SEF border service resigned on Wednesday after months of backlash over the fatal beating of a Ukrainian man detained at Lisbon airport for trying to enter the country without a valid visa.

Voluntary and free: Portugal approves COVID-19 vaccination plan

Dec 03 2020

LISBON Portugal on Thursday announced plans to vaccinate people against the coronavirus voluntarily and free of charge, and said it hoped to inoculate nearly 10% of the population during the first phase that will kick off next month.

Christmas, coronavirus and fear of no-deal Brexit push Europe's warehouses to the limit

Nov 30 2020

LISBON Retailers worldwide have never had more reason to pack warehouses to the brim and keep stock closer to shoppers who continue to buy a record number of items online.

COVID toll turns spotlight on Europe's taboo of data by race

Nov 19 2020

LISBON Many European countries avoid breaking down data along racial or ethnic lines out of concern over privacy or discrimination, but COVID-19's outsized impact on Black and Asian people has exposed flaws in the approach, some scientists and activists said.

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