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Vivian Sequera

Venezuelans breaking coronavirus rules punished under the sun

Aug 07 2020

CARACAS Security forces are punishing some Venezuelans who violate anti-coronavirus measures with physical exercise, sitting under the sun and even beating, witnesses and rights groups say.

Venezuela produce market is at center of Caracas COVID-19 outbreak

Aug 04 2020

CARACAS Venezuela capital Caracas' largest produce market is at the center of a worsening COVID-19 outbreak, but cash-strapped merchants refuse to stop hawking food there for the city's 5 million residents, many of whom are starving.

Venezuela's 'shadow opposition' scrambles to find candidates for election

Jul 28 2020

CARACAS/PUERTO ORDAZ When a Venezuelan political party asked union leader Henry Arias to run for congress on a platform opposing President Nicolas Maduro, Arias quickly responded that the party in question didn't actually represent the opposition - and turned them down.

Venezuela coronavirus cases spike, opposition warns healthcare system may be overwhelmed

Jul 15 2020

CARACAS Coronavirus cases in Venezuela have jumped in recent weeks and two top lieutenants of President Nicolas Maduro have tested positive, triggering warnings from health workers that the pandemic may overwhelm the country's already battered healthcare system.

Mud-hut homes near Venezuela's capital signal growing desperation

Jun 13 2020

CARACAS Venezuelan families on the outskirts of Caracas are expanding a settlement of mud-and-bamboo homes lacking running water, power and sewer services, in another sign of declining living standards amid a six-year economic crisis.

Venezuela's new gasoline system fails to end epic lines

Jun 07 2020

CARACAS Hundreds of Venezuelans queued up in miles-long lines to try to fill their cars with subsidized gasoline over the weekend, a week after President Nicolas Maduro launched a new dual-price system aimed at easing an acute fuel shortage.

For Venezuelans, a key obstacle for handwashing during pandemic - no running water

Jun 04 2020

CARACAS After going two months without running water at her home on the outskirts of Venezuela's capital Caracas, Mara Loyo stores it whenever it becomes available, in pots, pans, and even tablespoons.

Rooftop movie entertains violent Venezuelan barrio during quarantine

Jun 02 2020

CARACAS The sprawling working-class area of Petare on the east side of Venezuela's capital of Caracas has made headlines recently for brutal gang battles that raged for days despite a nationwide quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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