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Venezuela spoiler candidates pose threat to opposition in regional vote

Sep 23 2021

VALENCIA, Venezuela Venezuelan evangelical pastor Javier Bertucci has promised to mobilize his vast network of followers in upcoming regional elections to defeat the ruling Socialist Party candidate and become governor of the industrial state of Carabobo.

Venezuelan couple nurses injured sloths back to health at home shelter

Aug 04 2021

SAN ANTONIO DE LOS ALTOS, Venezuela Juan Carlos Rodriguez and his wife Haydee were taking one of their dogs to the veterinarian in Venezuela last year when they found a sloth on the road that had fallen from a power line after apparently suffering an electric shock. | Video

'The government is losing ground' residents say as gangs take territory in Venezuela's capital

Jul 18 2021

CARACAS "Leave the area! Get the kids out!" screamed gang members walking through western Caracas' El Cementerio barrio with megaphones the morning of Thursday, July 8. The warning told residents in Venezuela's capital shooting would not soon stop.

Venezuela transit app offers alternative to chaos of Caracas buses

Jul 15 2021

CARACAS A Venezuelan transportation app is offering residents of the capital city Caracas the opportunity to find safety and tranquility where they least expect to find it: on a bus.

Cuban protests risk exacerbating COVID-19 spike - PAHO

Jul 14 2021

Protests in Cuba will increase the risk of COVID-19 transmission because of an already high level of cases and the more contagious Delta variant, health officials said on Wednesday.

Venezuela announces terrorism charges against Guaido ally after highway arrest

Jul 12 2021

CARACAS (Reuters) -Venezuelan prosecutors on Monday said they had charged opposition politician Freddy Guevara with terrorism and treason, among other allegations, after the country's intelligence service arrested him from his car on a Caracas highway.

Exclusive-Talks between Venezuelan gov't, opposition set for August -sources

Jul 08 2021

Representatives of Venezuela's government and opposition are set to meet in Mexico beginning in August for a new round of negotiations aimed at ending the South American country's deep political crisis, five people familiar with the matter said.

Gunfights between gangs and police close major roads in Caracas

Jul 08 2021

CARACAS Venezuelan authorities closed roads in northwest Caracas on Thursday due to intense firefights between security forces and organized crime gangs that analysts say are trying to expand the territory under their control in the capital.

Venezuela seniors complain of disorder, confusion in vaccination campaign

Jun 11 2021

MARACAY, Venezuela After hours of waiting outside a coronavirus vaccination center in the Venezuelan city of Maracay, hundreds of senior citizens who had lined up to receive their jab broke into a chant: "We want answers."

In Venezuela, an account of a kidnapping renews focus on violence against women

Jun 05 2021

CARACAS (Reuters) -In 2001, Linda Lopez was kidnapped and held for almost four months in a Caracas apartment, where she was repeatedly raped and tortured.

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