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Pakistan toughens rape law after outcry over attacks

Dec 15 2020

LAHORE, Pakistan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Pakistan introduced a rape law on Tuesday that will create special courts to try cases within four months, after protests over the gang rape of a woman whose car ran out of fuel.

Laundry advert promoting working women sparks furor in Pakistan

Jun 27 2019

KARACHI/LAHORE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A U.S. detergent advert that encourages women to pursue careers has sparked a debate over women's rights in conservative Pakistan, with critics urging people to #BoycottAriel.

Pakistan to set up special courts to tackle violence against women

Jun 19 2019

LAHORE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Pakistan is to set up more than 1,000 courts dedicated to tackling violence against women, the country's top judge announced on Wednesday, seeking to tackle a problem activists say the criminal justice system has long neglected.

Pakistan's Punjab province bans farmland use for towns

Mar 01 2019

LAHORE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Punjab, Pakistan's most populous province, on Friday banned the development of new housing on farmland, in a bid to stop cities encroaching on agricultural areas.

Pakistan province creates dedicated burial spaces for trans people

Oct 11 2018

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Transgender people in northwestern Pakistan are to be given a dedicated place to bury their dead after being ostracized by their families even in death.

As groundwater levels plunge, Lahore begins turning off taps

Oct 10 2018

LAHORE, Pakistan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Five mornings a week, Saima Azeem helps her children wash and prepare for school. But this week has been different: She has had to use her few bottles of drinking water to get them ready.

As rains grow erratic, Pakistan taps irrigation to protect Punjab crops

Nov 24 2017

LAHORE, Pakistan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Most of Tajammul Abbas’s 17 acres of farmland produces nothing but fodder for his buffalo and three goats. His land, and that around him in Punjab province, depends on rain to grow crops and rainfall has become much more uncertain as climate change takes hold, leading to lost harvests.

Pakistan makes landmark ruling against man for second marriage

Nov 01 2017

LAHORE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A Pakistan court on Wednesday ruled against a man who had remarried without his first wife's permission in a landmark verdict that was applauded by women's right activists.

Women-only "pink taxis" set to hit Pakistani streets

Mar 21 2017

LAHORE, Pakistan, March 22 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - W omen in Pakistan's commercial hub Karachi are set to ride taxis driven by women in an initiative to protect female customers from the sexual harassment they commonly face when travelling around the teeming city.

Pakistan electoral reform plans aim to boost women's participation in politics

Feb 07 2017

LAHORE, Pakistan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Reforms to Pakistan's electoral laws making it mandatory for political parties to allot five percent of their tickets to women candidates were approved on Tuesday by the federal cabinet, the country's highest decision-making body.

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