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Some dinosaurs had exquisite eggs with colors, spots, speckles

Nov 01 2018

WASHINGTON Some dinosaurs laid colored, speckled and spotted eggs boasting exquisite hues of blue and brown, scientists said on Thursday, in a discovery that scrambles the notion that such exceptional traits originated with birds.

Ecuadorean discovery pushes back the origins of chocolate

Oct 29 2018

WASHINGTON People have been enjoying chocolate far longer than previously known, according to research published on Monday detailing the domestication and use of cacao beginning 5,300 years ago at an ancient settlement in the highlands of southeastern Ecuador.

In toothy prequel, piranha-like fish menaced Jurassic seas

Oct 18 2018

WASHINGTON You can call it a prehistoric prequel.

Modified cotton could be human food source after U.S. green light

Oct 17 2018

WASHINGTON U.S. regulators have cleared the way for farmers to grow a cotton plant genetically modified to make the cottonseed edible for people, a protein-packed potential new food source that could be especially useful in cotton-growing countries beset with malnutrition.

In a surprise, first alien moon discovered is big and gaseous

Oct 03 2018

WASHINGTON Astronomers have pinpointed what appears to be the first moon detected outside our solar system, a large gaseous world the size of Neptune that is unlike any other known moon and orbits a gas planet much more massive than Jupiter.

Stone in South African cave boasts oldest-known human drawing

Sep 12 2018

WASHINGTON A small stone flake marked with intersecting lines of red ochre pigment some 73,000 years ago that was found in a cave on South Africa's southern coast represents what archaeologists on Wednesday called the oldest-known example of human drawing.

Actor Bill Daily of 'I Dream of Jeannie' dead at 91

Sep 08 2018

Bill Daily, who provided comedic support in two classic television sitcoms of the 1960s and 1970s as an astronaut on "I Dream Of Jeannie" and as the flaky neighbor on "The Bob Newhart Show," died this week at age 91, a spokesman for the actor said.

Hollywood star and 1970s sex symbol Burt Reynolds dead at 82

Sep 06 2018

Burt Reynolds, whose good looks and charm made him one of Hollywood's most popular actors as he starred in such films as "Deliverance," "The Longest Yard" and "Smokey and the Bandit" in the 1970s and '80s, died on Thursday at age 82. | Video

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