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William E. Pomeranz

Commentary: Putin will pay a high price for Trump’s friendship

Nov 21 2016

Successful politicians usually enjoy their fair share of luck along the way. With the election of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin received the luckiest break of all. Instead of continued isolation, the Russian president will get yet another reset, with several long-term goals – a recognized zone of influence, non-interference in domestic affairs, an equal relationship with the United States – within his grasp.

Commentary: The stunning audacity of Putin’s cash demands

Oct 17 2016

The standard policy prescription for Washington’s dealings with Russia is situational: Agree to disagree on certain issues, but try to find areas where cooperation is possible.

Commentary: Putin's ever-shrinking circle shows return to Soviet politics

Aug 24 2016

Russia’s search for greater international influence and respect continued its downward spiral this summer. Its Olympic experience was spoiled by charges of doping. Accusations of hacking dragged it into the U.S. presidential campaign, and military tensions over Ukraine and Syria showed no sign of abetting.

Commentary: Putin’s domestic strategy: Counting the trees, missing the forest

Jun 02 2016

Russian President Vladimir Putin strides the world as the master tactician. In Crimea, eastern Ukraine and Syria, he seized the initiative and left his adversaries flatfooted and guessing as to his ultimate intentions.

A whiff of panic in the Kremlin as Russia’s economy sinks further

Feb 04 2016

So far, the Russian people have acted more calmly than their leaders.

Is there a new crack in the West’s sanctions regime against Russia?

Sep 26 2014

President Barack Obama’s U.N. speech opens up the possibility of creating some daylight between the United States and the EU sanction programs against Russia.

The best role for Kiev provisional government? Exiting.

May 19 2014

Provisional governments have one essential task: restore legitimate rule.

Common ground for Obama and Putin is offshore

Sep 03 2013

Low expectations surround the G20 meeting in St. Petersburg on Sept. 5-6.

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