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Willy Kurniawan

Indonesia's ragtag firefighters on frontline of Borneo's forest blazes

Sep 20 2019

PULANG PISAU, Indonesia From soon after sunrise, a group of volunteers gathers every day on Indonesia's portion of Borneo island to throw themselves into the desperate fight against the worst forest fires in years.

Cash for trash: Indonesia village banks on waste recycling

Aug 15 2019

BANGUN, Indonesia Indonesia's crackdown on imported foreign waste has upset the village of Bangun, where residents say they earn more money sorting through piles of garbage than growing rice in once-lush paddy fields.

'Extreme' Vespa enthusiasts rev up at Indonesian festival

Aug 28 2018

KEDIRI, Indonesia Every year, Indonesians from teens and grandads, to mechanics and students, gather in eastern Java to celebrate their love of the iconic Italian Vespa scooter. | Video

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