Yasin Kakande

For Ugandan children, hunger and HIV make a deadly mix

Mar 22 2017

KATAKWI, Uganda, March 22 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - S even-year-old Esther Agutti weighs 7 kilos - a third of the weight of the average child her age.

Can land-sharing dispel shadow of eviction for Uganda slum?

Oct 03 2016

KAMPALA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The bulldozers came after midnight, sirens wailing. Startled from their sleep, slum-dwellers on the outskirts of Uganda's capital Kampala dashed for safety as the diggers tore through wood, brick and corrugated iron.

HIV-positive Ugandan women complain of forced sterilization in government hospitals

Sep 04 2016

KAMPALA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Ida, 29, was six months pregnant when she suddenly felt abdominal pains and went to a government hospital in Kampala.

Plight of 11-year-old mother in Uganda reignites calls to stop child marriage

Mar 21 2016

KAMPALA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As coordinator of a shelter for pregnant teenagers in central Uganda, Ritah Ssetumba has seen thousands of young girls struggling to cope with having a child but even she was shocked when an 11-year-old girl arrived pregnant and married.

Children sacrificed to bring luck in Uganda elections: charity

Feb 29 2016

KAMPALA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Six cases of the mutilation and murder of children as "good luck" sacrifices were reported during the recent Ugandan elections, a children's charity said.

Anti-child trafficking campaign in Uganda taken to schools

Feb 12 2016

KAMPALA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In a remote corner of Uganda a team of American volunteers are distributing books to children, but this is no ordinary literacy drive; their aim is to protect children at risk of being trafficked into prostitution, forced labor and even for use in sacrifices.

Uganda rights groups set to monitor violence against women during elections

Feb 05 2016

KAMPALA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Ugandan women's rights groups are setting up a control center to monitor any violence against women in the East African nation's elections this month and to act quickly on any reports.

Trafficked into sex work, Uganda women stunned to be duped by other women

Jan 31 2016

KAMPALA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - At first, Sarah Nakintu was grateful to her friend for alerting her to job opportunities in marketing and retail in Dubai.

Uganda brings maids home from Saudi Arabia after abuse complaints

Jan 29 2016

KAMPALA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Ugandan officials are helping to bring back about 24 women working as domestic staff in Saudi Arabia after complaints about abuse that prompted a ban on sending Ugandans as housemaids to the Gulf state, a spokesman said on Friday.

Uganda bans maids working in Saudi Arabia amid complaints of mistreatment

Jan 22 2016

KAMPALA, Uganda (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The government of Uganda said on Friday it will stop sending housemaids to Saudi Arabia, eclipsing a deal between the two nations to ship workers to the wealthy Gulf nation amid complaints of poor conditions and mistreatment.

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