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Yesim Dikmen

Last flight leaves Ataturk as Istanbul switches airports

Apr 06 2019

ISTANBUL The last commercial passenger flight took off from Istanbul's Ataturk airport on Saturday and convoys of trucks ferried thousands of tonnes of equipment across the city to a giant new airport which Turkey plans to make the biggest in the world. | Video

Turkey's mini-castle resort win reprieve after bankruptcy

Feb 01 2019

ISTANBUL, Feb 1 A half-built Turkish residential development of hundreds of mini-castles won a reprieve from bankruptcy on Friday when creditors voted to allow a construction company to complete work on the project.

Turkey bolsters military on Syrian border as U.S. readies pull-out

Dec 24 2018

ISTANBUL Turkey began reinforcing its positions on both sides of its border with Syria on Sunday, a Reuters witness said, as Ankara and Washington agreed to coordinate a U.S. withdrawal from Syria. | Video

Ukraine wins approval for historic split from Russian church

Oct 15 2018

KIEV/ISTANBUL Ukraine secured approval on Thursday to establish an independent church in what Kiev says is a vital step against Russian meddling in its affairs, but the Russian clergy fiercely opposes as the biggest split in Christianity for a thousand years. | Video

U.S. pastor's lawyer says new Turkish prosecution witnesses irrelevant to case

Oct 11 2018

ISTANBUL New prosecution witnesses expected to testify on Friday in the Turkish trial of a U.S. Christian pastor on terrorism charges lack relevance as their testimony will focus on incidents after Andrew Brunson's arrest, his lawyer said.

Turkish police detain hundreds of protesting airport workers

Sep 15 2018

ISTANBUL Turkish police have detained hundreds of workers protesting over labor conditions at Istanbul's new airport, a giant project championed by President Tayyip Erdogan and due to open next month, a union leader said on Saturday.

Syrian refugees in spotlight in Turkey's election in June

Jun 04 2018

BURSA, Turkey Millions of Syrian refugees in Turkey have no vote in elections on June 24, but if a young Syrian-born businessman running for parliament wins a seat, they will at least have a voice.

Bus convoy of 2,000 women heads to Syria for women's rights

Mar 06 2018

ISTANBUL An international group of 2,000 women set off from Istanbul on Tuesday for Turkey's border with Syria, part of a "conscience convoy" to raise awareness of the plight of Syrian women after seven years of civil war.

A year after failed coup, crackdown shakes pillar of Turkish state

Jul 14 2017

ISTANBUL Late one night in early February, Ibrahim Kaboglu learned that he had been targeted in the sweeping crackdown that followed Turkey's failed coup a year ago. | Video

Turkish police fire tear gas at May Day demonstrators in Istanbul

May 01 2017

ISTANBUL Police in Istanbul fired tear gas and rubber bullets to break up a group of May Day demonstrators on Monday, a Reuters witness said, as authorities detained 165 people at protests around the city. | Video

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