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Product design to racial justice: Global plan to promote ethical AI

Jan 28 2021

(Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From reducing bias in product design to tackling racial injustice, more than 100 businesses, governments and nonprofits on Thursday launched a global initiative to make artificial intelligence more ethical and transparent.

WHO launches plan to tackle neglected diseases as COVID-19 strains healthcare

Jan 28 2021

(Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The World Health Organization (WHO) will on Thursday launch a plan to combat 20 diseases that affect the world's poorest people, seeking to prevent recent progress being erased by the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare systems.

Florida blocks wealthy vaccine tourists after anger from elderly residents

Jan 21 2021

MIAMI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As millions of elderly Floridians scramble to register for a limited but growing supply of COVID-19 vaccines, state officials are clamping down on so-called vaccine tourism by limiting doses to only the state's part- and full-time residents. 

Florida voters swing right to favor Trump, left to favor wage hike

Nov 05 2020

MIAMI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As Florida threw its support behind President Donald Trump this week, state voters approved a hike to the minimum wage, backing a measure supported by unions and strongly opposed by business.

Florida Latinos boost Trump's margin of victory in battleground state

Nov 04 2020

LITTLE HAVANA, Florida A wave of support from Hispanic voters gave President Donald Trump a narrow but decisive victory in Florida on Tuesday night, helping him secure the state that has long been seen as a bellwether battleground. | Video

Trump's strength with Florida Latinos boosts his re-election hopes

Nov 04 2020

LITTLE HAVANA, Florida A wave of support from Hispanic voters gave President Donald Trump a narrow victory in Florida on Tuesday night, boosting his chances of re-election.

Teachers, parents, students scramble as U.S. schools reopen

Sep 08 2020

DURHAM, North Carolina (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The impossible task of being a teacher and a parent during a pandemic is enough to break a person, and on the Sunday before the first day of school in Durham, North Carolina, it almost did.

Florida's care workers battle to protect the elderly

Aug 17 2020

ORLANDO, Florida (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - No place seems safe for Elonda English, not even her car.

Isaias weakens to tropical storm, likely to strengthen as it aims for Florida's east coast

Aug 01 2020

MIAMI Isaias weakened slightly to a tropical storm on Saturday after lashing the Bahamas, but forecasters warned it would likely grow into a hurricane again overnight as it approaches coronavirus-stricken eastern Florida. | Video

Florida, North Carolina declare emergencies as Hurricane Isaias nears

Jul 31 2020

MIAMI Florida and North Carolina declared states of emergency on Friday as Hurricane Isaias churned toward the U.S. East Coast, prompting authorities to close COVID-19 testing sites and people to stock up on essentials with heavy rains feared within hours.

World News

Iran vote points to hardline goal of long-term power - analysts

DUBAI (Reuters) -A hardline victory in Iran's presidential election has tilted the domestic balance of power towards the country's anti-Western clergy and away from officials chosen by popular vote, a shift Tehran may one day seek to make permanent, six analysts who follow the Islamic Republic's politics say.