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Zoe Tabary

All aboard: The double-decker buses housing London's homeless

Jul 01 2019

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - An inviting massage table, a snug chair, a sunlit field of grass – this is not a holiday resort but one of London's famous double-decker buses, which this summer will house up to 40 homeless people.

'Those you never see': Paris photo series reclaims women's bodies

Jun 21 2019

PARIS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A naked woman floats in the air with a pair of scissors tied around her waist while another straddles a cannon, her head tilted toward the sky.

Amplify survivors' voices to end global scourge of sexual violence, world leaders told

May 24 2019

OSLO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From Congo to Ukraine, efforts to end sexual violence in conflict and humanitarian crises will fail unless they empower survivors to speak up, victims of rape and abuse said on Friday.

Waste is 'worth gold', city dwellers told in push to reuse resources

May 23 2019

OSLO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Faced with the twin challenges of rapid population growth and rising carbon emissions, cities have no choice but to "go circular" and cut waste while using fewer resources, researchers and policymakers said on Thursday.

Down and out in Paris: homeless women find refuge in grandeur

May 22 2019

PARIS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Marie-Claire may not have an address but she owns a red letter box made of papier mache, which reminds her of the "home I'll have one day".

Breathing walls to rooftop farms: Cities get creative for a greener future

May 22 2019

OSLO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From "breathing walls" that recover energy and filter air to urban farms on rooftops, cities around the world are experimenting with creative ways to become carbon-neutral, aiming to make no contribution to global warming.

No documents, no home: 'desperate' Syrian mothers turn to child marriage

Mar 28 2019

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Millions of Syrian women who have fled the eight-year war are stuck in a "legal limbo", unable to own or reclaim land when they go home, driving some to marry off their underage daughters to acquire property, researchers said on Thursday.

Blockchain potent force but 'no cure-all' for land rights

Mar 26 2019

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Blockchain can prove a potent force to strengthen people's land rights, but a poor understanding of how the technology works has so far limited its impact, researchers said on Tuesday.

One in three fear losing homes in West and Central Africa, poll finds

Mar 26 2019

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nearly one in three people living in West and Central Africa fear losing their homes and land in the next five years, according to a survey of 33 countries, making it the region where people feel most insecure about their property.

Millions of women still landless despite global push for equality

Mar 25 2019

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Millions of women worldwide are still unable to access and own land despite laws recognizing their rights, researchers and campaigners said on Monday as they urged countries to bridge the gap between policy and practice.

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