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–      Major Law firms rolled out year-end bonus plans for associates, matching last year's bonus scale, a detour from the leap-frogging increases of past years.

–  As the exodus of law schools from the U.S. News & World Report rankings slowed, clearer divisions emerged in how the schools would project.

–     Legal services sector added 800 jobs but saw relatively flat job growth in November, new Labor Department figures show.

Attorney Analysis

  • Attorney Analysis
    Bracing for the effects of new wage transparency laws across the country

    Mark Goldstein, Mariah McGrogan

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    Tumultuous trading: a year-end snapshot of global trade and its administrative burden

    Michelle Schulz

  • Attorney Analysis
    Supreme Court poised to alter patentability of pharmaceutical, life-science innovations

    Deirdre M. Wells, William H. Milliken, Kristina Caggiano Kelly

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