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Live event coverage from Reuters.

Trump Impeachment Trial

Donald Trump faces his second impeachment trial, this time on charges of inciting the Capitol insurrection last month. It will also test the constitutionality of impeaching a former president.

Biden's inauguration

The Biden era begins as the Trump era ends.

Crisis at the Capitol

Hundreds of pro-Trump protesters converged on the Capitol, where lawmakers were debating the final certification of the presidential election

Election 2020

Keep up to date with everything you need to know about the presidential contest.

Election 2020: The Vice Presidential Debate

Vice President Mike Pence and his Democratic challenger Kamala Harris face one another against a backdrop of a president fighting the coronavirus.

Election 2020: The First Presidential Debate

Joe Biden faces President Donald Trump in the first of three debates with 36 days until the election. The Supreme Court, racial justice and COVID-19 are likely topics of discussion.

Democratic National Convention 2020

Democrats nationwide gather this week -- virtually -- to nominate Joe Biden as their candidate to defeat Donald Trump for the presidency.

Republican National Convention 2020

Republicans argue their case that the economic and political future of the United States depends on the re-election of Donald Trump