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Johnson defiant after British parliament votes to force Brexit delay

A defiant Boris Johnson says he will not negotiate a further delay to Britain's departure from the European Union after parliament voted to postpone a vote on his Brexit deal. 


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Another delay in Brexit would be in nobody's interest, a French diplomatic source says.

"France will consult with its European partners and cannot take a decision at this stage," the source said.

"A deal has been negotiated, it is up to the British parliament to approve it or not, a meaningful vote is necessary," the source added.

The speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow says he will rule on Monday if he will allow the government to put forward a vote on Boris Johnson's Brexit deal.

There is a convention in parliament that the same question cannot be put twice during the same session.

I will reflect on it and give what I hope is a fully considered ruling on this matter on Monday. I will do so of course having taken advice in appropriate quarters. The government is not the arbiter of what is orderly


Lawmakers will debate and vote on Monday on whether to approve Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, the leader of the House of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg says.

"Monday's business will now be a debate on a motion relating to Section 13 (1B) of the European Union Withdrawal Act 2018. Section 13 (1B) covers the formal approval vote parliament is required to hold in order to pass a deal.

A spokesman for Boris Johnson refused to answer any questions about the government's next steps on Brexit, including when or if Johnson would write to Brussels requesting a delay to Britain's exit from the bloc.


Pro-EU protesters react after the result of the vote on the Brexit deal delay was announced