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Buttigieg in front in the first tranche of results

Pete Buttigieg led in Iowa's initial caucus results with 62% of precincts reporting, with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in second and third place and former Vice President Joe Biden trailing in fourth, the Iowa Democratic Party reported. Read more


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These are results that are verified and confirmed. I, in particular, wish they had come in sooner, as this is the best piece of news our campaign has gotten since we entered this race. But I also hope that we recognize that this is a set of numbers and a set of choices made by individual Iowans that is verified, that has a paper trail behind it, and that shows just what is possible for a campaign that started with nothing and built up over the course of the year with a message, a team, and a vision for where we need to go that clearly drew a lot of people in.

Pete Buttigieg
(Reporting by Michael Martina)
The Iowa Democratic Party is planning to release results from 62% of the precincts representing all 99 counties.

Amid the delay in results, Amy Klobuchar says she's in the ‘top five candidates’ running for president while at an event in New Hampshire


The race to be the Democratic presidential nominee got off to a chaotic start in Iowa as technical problems delayed vote counting in Monday's caucuses. Results are expected later today

‘I know how to fight, and I know how to win,’ replied Senator Elizabeth Warren when asked what makes her a better candidate to take on President Trump

The Democratic Party’s bid to choose a candidate to take on Trump in November is still in disarray, after technical problems delayed vote counting 

Officials blame ‘inconsistencies’ related to a new mobile app used for vote counting in the state; Trump mocked the Democrats, calling the caucus confusion an ‘unmitigated disaster’ on Twitter. Read more

In the case of a tie, Iowa's nominating contest can become a game of chance. Matt Stumpf and Ben Calegari, two precinct captains representing Bernie Sanders, were forced to become tiebreakers at their respective caucuses. Stumpf had to flip a coin, handing Pete Buttigieg a delegate. Calegari picked two names out of a hat to break a three-way tie, giving delegates to Sanders and Buttigieg.


'Iowa, you have shocked the nation' -Buttigieg | Reuters Video

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg told supporters in Iowa, during a delayed result in voting, "by all indications, we are going on to New Hampshire victorious."