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Courtesy U.S. Senate TV

President Trump acquitted of both impeachment charges

President Donald Trump was acquitted on Wednesday in his U.S. Senate impeachment trial, saved by fellow Republicans who rallied to protect him nine months before he asks voters in a deeply divided America to give him a second White House term. Read more
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Asked about Mitt Romney's split from the Republican Party to vote to convict Trump on one of the charges, Sen. John Cornyn call it  "immaterial." Asked whether he thought Trump would consider it immaterial, Cornyn said: "If I were the president would celebrate my acquittal rather than quibble about the small details." 
(Reporting by Susan Cornwell)

It is the first Senate impeachment trial where guilt was voted on for one of these articles on a bipartisan basis... I have been moved genuinely even to tears very few times in this body but I was riveted by his [Mitt Romney's] words i said to myself ... this is why you came here.

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.)
(Reporting by Lisa Lambert)


A view from the gallery

Mitt Romney was the last senator to reach his seat before the impeachment trial resumed. Arriving at 4:05 p.m., just as Supreme Court Justice John Roberts brought down the convening gavel, Romney sat without looking over at Republicans Mike Braun, on his right, and Dan Sullivan, on his left. He remained in place with his eyes focused forward throughout the proceedings, sipping from a glass of water on his desk from time to time.

A smile of relief crossed Romney’s face about 30 minutes later, after the voting had ceased and Roberts declared that the Senate had acquitted Trump of both impeachment charges.

Romney was also the first senator to leave on the Republican side of the room. Rising from his seat, he exchanged smiles and handshake with Braun and cheerfully traded shoulder pats with Sullivan before moving quickly along the back wall to the exit door and out.   

(Reporting by David Morgan)

Our goal was to get an acquittal. We did our job.The polls at this point do not matter. What matters is the acquittal the Chief Justice gaveled in.

Jay Sekulow
📷 Jonathan Ernst
"I'm pretty sure that she didn't want to do this but the fact that she was pulled into this direction ... underscores that this was a purely political exercise," McConnell said, referring to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
(Reporting by Timothy Ahmann)


McConnell said he believed Democratic demands to have witnesses in the trial was driven by poll data that showed such a call would resonate with the American people.
(Reporting by Timothy Ahmann)