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China to penalize $60 billion of U.S. imports but reduce amount of tariffs it collects

BEIJING China will levy tariffs on about $60 billion worth of U.S. goods in retaliation for the latest round of U.S. tariffs on Chinese products, as previously planned, but has reduced the level of tariffs that it will collect on the products.

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Putin sees chance circumstances behind downing of Russian plane in Syria

MOSCOW/JERUSALEM President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that the shooting down of a Russian military plane near Syria's seacoast was the result of a chain of tragic and chance circumstances. | Video

World, Russia, Syria 12:12pm EDT

U.S. judge will not force Georgia to use paper ballots despite concerns

A federal judge will not force Georgia to use paper ballots for the November election, citing the potential for last-minute confusion, but expressed concern that the state's electronic machines could be vulnerable to hacking.

Politics, Election 2016, U.S. 11:25am EDT

Porn star Daniels' tell-all Trump book full of salacious details: newspaper

Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who claims U.S. President Donald Trump paid her off to keep their tryst a secret, goes into uncomplimentary detail about their alleged sexual encounter in a new memoir, according to the Guardian newspaper.

Ireland collects disputed Apple taxes in full ahead of appeal

DUBLIN Ireland has fully recovered 13.1 billion euros in disputed taxes from Apple Inc plus interest of 1.2 billion which it will hold in an escrow fund pending its appeal against an EU tax ruling, Ireland's finance minister said on Tuesday.

Tech, Ireland 10:57am EDT

Che Guevara poster artist looks back on 50 revolutionary years

DUBLIN Fifty years after creating the Che Guevara poster that still adorns student bedrooms around the world, Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick is delighted at its ubiquity, but concerned at its exploitation for commercial gain.

11:58am EDT

Syria's Idlib spared attack, Turkey to send in more troops

ANKARA/AMMAN Turkey will send more troops into Syria's Idlib province after striking a deal with Russia that has averted a government offensive and delighted rebels who say it keeps the area out of President Bashar al-Assad's hands.