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Fresh wave of climate protests to target gas ahead of COP26 summit

BRUSSELS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Climate activists will try to shut down gas terminals and protest fracking plans in several countries this weekend, as a post-lockdown push to influence the agenda ahead of November's COP26 climate summit in Scotland kicks off in earnest.

U.S. cities try to head off eviction wave as federal ban expires

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Rebecca, a 54-year-old retired nurse from Clearwater, Florida, said she was pressured to sign papers confirming she would pay extra rent - which she could not afford - to stay in her home after her landlord filed for an eviction in March.

New warning system to sound alarm on rainforest 'tipping points'

KUALA LUMPUR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A new early warning system using satellite data to sound the alarm on growing threats to the world's tropical forests, including worsening drought and logging, aims to stop them reaching a point of no return, scientists said on Friday.

Climate action must happen 'for our people, not to them', cities say

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Efforts to push low-carbon lifestyles and green energy to curb climate change will fail unless many people see benefits - and the poorest and most vulnerable should get the biggest gains, leading mayors and other city officials urged Friday.

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