RIO 2016 Headlines

Take Five: Santa vs the Grinch

Christmas is coming and many countries are torn between giving citizens a respite from stringent restrictions and tightening them as coronavirus cases soar.

Take Five: The clocks are ticking down

An EU official likened the current state of Brexit negotiations to a marathon where runners are "past kilometre 40" of the just over 42-km race. But four weeks before the transition period expires, a no-deal outcome is clearly a risk.

Take Five: The great reflation

One trade is gripping markets in the early days of 2021: reflation - nowhere more evident than in bonds, where U.S. 10-year Treasury yields topped 1% on Georgia's Senate runoff results.

Take Five: Long the Short

In just a week, the 'Reddit crowd' trade which squeezed out seasoned hedge funds from GameStop has gone global.

New Motiva CEO says no decision yet on expansion

Motiva Enterprises' [MOTIV.UL] new Chief Executive Officer Brian Coffman said on Friday that no decision has been made on how to spend $18 billion corporate parent Saudi Aramco [IPO-ARMO.SE] has pledged for expansion.

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