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Should you co-sign for your kid's credit card?

What constitutes an emergency in college has never been well defined. For freshman Hannah Li, for instance, this month it has already meant a manicure, a J. Crew sweater and a plane ticket to Paris for spring break. "Now you see why we put her on a $1,000 limit," Hannah's mother, Alice Park, said of her 18-year-old's "emergencies-only" prepaid credit card. "We want to teach her independence — just not with free access to our money."

Confident Americans say fun comes first in 2011

Americans are ready to shake off the doom and gloom of the recession to focus on fun and relaxation, knocking "saving more money" down their list of top priorities for 2011, an annual New Year's resolution survey by TD Ameritrade found.

Boomerang kids, boomerang budgets

When Christina Newberry first moved back in with her parents, she was a 21-year-old recent college grad. Eight years later, she found herself back on her parents' doorstep after the breakup of a long-term relationship.

The best investment for your kids

Here's a reality check for any new parent trying to do what's "best" for their child: go into a high-end baby store and ask for their best stroller. Chances are, it will cost nearly as much as your monthly mortgage payment.

Cheaper financial advice: Will you get what you pay for?

If brokers had to put their clients' interest ahead of their own, those clients would pay more for financial advice and their investments, an industry group reported recently. A couple with $200,000 in retirement assets would pay roughly $460 more a year in additional fees.

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