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Philadelphia Flyers’ mascot Gritty performs during the 2022 NHL All-Star...

ESPN would help Disney and Comcast settle a score

When it comes to modern corporate sagas, few deliver the drama between Walt Disney and Comcast. Their rivalry adds intrigue to the desire of Disney boss Bob Chapek to acquire the rest of streaming service Hulu from the cable operator sooner rather than later. Comcast Chief Executive Brian Roberts is in position to let his counterpart squirm, but there’s a neat solution to help settle the score: ESPN.

A Gulfstream G550 jet comes in to land behind a Bombardier CRJ900 jet ahead...

Private jet crackdown is idea that could fly

Tax the flying rich: French Transport Minister Clément Beaune is weighing up an idea that would help reduce carbon emissions while sending a message that all members of society must share in the sacrifices caused by the energy crisis. He wants to restrict the use of private jets https://www.lemonde.fr/politique/article/2022/08/22/jets-prives-clement-beaune-veut-une-regulation-julien-bayou-appelle-a-les-bannir_6138671_823448.html.

Russian missiles strike Ukraine's Odesa region

(Reuters) -Russia said on Sunday that its Kalibr missiles had destroyed an ammunition depot containing missiles for U.S.-made HIMARS rocket in Ukraine's southeastern Odesa region, while Kyiv said a granary had been hit.

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