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China says eastern European summits are good for EU

Annual summits between China and central and eastern European countries are beneficial to the European Union as a whole, the Chinese government's told Bulgaria's foreign minister, brushing off concern that Beijing is seeking to divide the continent.

Tuesday Morning Briefing

Texas political leaders are considering installing airport-style security at public schools and screening students for mental health issues as alternatives to gun control to thwart a repeat of last week’s deadly shooting at a Houston-area high school. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-texas-shooting-response/texas-leaders-want-more-screening-and-more-guns-to-prevent-more-shootings-idUSKCN1IN14Q


Republicans, no Democrats, invited to see documents on U.S. election probe

WASHINGTON Two Republican lawmakers, and no Democrats, are expected to attend a meeting scheduled for Thursday to review classified information relating to U.S. President Donald Trump's suggestion the FBI might have used an informant to gather information on his 2016 election campaign, the White House said on Tuesday. | Video